Tried It! Freezing My A*$ Off With The Latest Wellness Trend: Cryotherapy

By now you’ve likely heard of Cryotherapy. A freezing cold (read: between -200 and -260 degrees Fahrenheit) chamber where you stand naked (well you DO wear socks and gloves, and if you’re a dude, your boxers- so there’s that) for anywhere from 90 seconds to three minutes while someone on staff cheers you on (and if you’re lucky, as in my case, your mom) while blasting a favorite song and trying not to think about how cold it is because it’s supposed to be good for you. The pamphlet says it is, the internet says it is, and a whole lot of celebs who are obsessed with it also tout it’s supposed benefits: great for pain and inflammation, alleviates sore muscles after a workout in an instant, better sleep, clearer skin, more energy, weight loss and the list goes on.

I first came across this crazy sounding trend while researching Mandy Moore (yes, the Mandy Moore who drove a green VW bug while