About Been There, Tried It (and me!)

Hello there! I’m Jill Handman and welcome to my blog!

And now, an anecdote to sum up why I started this blog in the first place:

When I was working at The Oprah Winfrey Show, I spent one of my summer hiatus’ from the show (we didn’t tape over the summer) working at an amazing tart frozen yogurt shop in downtown Chicago called Berry Chill. It was amazing. I know I said that already but really, it was.  People would line up out the door and down the block for it, and I can assure you I ate more than my hourly wage in it daily. In fact, it’s how I figured out I was allergic to dairy.

When I left my job serving up fro-yo to go back to working for Oprah that fall (as you do), I was raving to everyone about how great Berry Chill was and how they needed to try it. But we worked very long hours and rarely got out of work to make it there before closing. So instead, I arranged for them convinced them to deliver to us even though we were well outside their delivery zone. First I took orders from my team, then it spread to other production teams, and eventually all the way up the chain to our executive producers.

The following year, the guy who started this yogurt shop, started a yogurt truck. And because I loved this yogurt so much and wanted everyone to taste what I tasted, I would arrange for the truck to come by Harpo Studios, even though it wasn’t their normal route. And then I would blast an email to the entire company letting them know that “Culture the Fro-Yo Truck is here on Aberdeen!” and people would come out of their cubicles and get their frozen yogurt and everyone loved and enjoyed it and it made me so happy. But I remember overhearing someone thinking that I was getting a portion of the sales.
I wasn’t getting a single penny.

I just loved that yogurt so hard that it wasn’t enough to keep it to myself, I wanted everyone to experience it!

And that in short, is why I started a blog. If there’s a recipe I’m loving, I want you to try it too! If there’s a product I’m obsessing over, I want you to obsess right along with me!  If I’ve found a way to close my eyes snap my fingers and have my laundry be done, dishes be washed and bed be made then I want to share that magic secret with you! It’s simply not enough for me to keep the things I love and am excited about to myself.

Hopefully here on these pages you’ll find some enjoyment from the foods, recipes, gadgets, clothes, products, decor, books, wellness tips and all other things that bring me joy. And hopefully some laughs too!

A little about me: I work in entertainment as a television producer (The Oprah Show, The Rosie Show,  The Talk, Home & Family, The Real), a freelance writer (www.fabfitfun.com) and an on-air lifestyle expert where I  demo cooking hacks and new recipes, review products, and talk about trends in wellness, fashion and lifestyle. I’m passionate about health and wellness after seeing how my own  health issues were drastically improved with clean eating.  A large part of my blog is sharing the recipes (mostly gluten free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free) and products that help me feel my best!

Things I love: Almond milk lattes, coffee chocolate chip ice-cream, Backstreet Boys, sleeping in, dance parties, dessert parties, bows, “Friends,” and vacation.


  • Cindy Aronsohn

    September 13, 2013 - 3:08 pm

    Monica sent me the September 7th clip of you on TV. You were/are FANTASTIC!!! Happy New Year! Love, Aunt Cindy

  • katiedalebout

    December 8, 2013 - 10:18 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring KIND in your recent Detroit Fox TV appearance!
    Love to talk about partnering with you more! Let me know! Thanks!

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