About Been There, Tried It (and me!)

Hello There! I’m Jill Handman and welcome to my blog!

When I told my best friend Suz about my idea for Been There, Tried It, I exclaimed that it would be a place where friends and strangers of the interweb could come together and read about my favorite products and places to travel, eat, shop, workout, (and on and on and on). Immediately she said “I get it! Sort of like Oprah’s Favorite Things! Except they are yours!

Yes, Suz. Sort of.

Except, you don’t get to take home a diamond watch or a fridge. Womp womp.

But before you go clicking out of the browser, let me tell you a bit about Been There, Tried It and its creator… me!

Ever since I was a small little girl,- Okay, strike that, I was never small or little- I was pretty much born with a muffin top, which, in hindsight really explains my childhood love for Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Chip Muffins.

But long before I learned that carbs were evil, young Jill loved those muffins. But what I loved even more than those decadent gems was sharing them. Every Friday morning without fail, I looked forward to splitting one with our nanny/housekeeper, Geneva.

It was then that I learned that sharing something you love is far more exciting and fun than finding something new and experiencing it by yourself. (I also learned that chocolate chip muffins do really terrible things to your thighs)

Whether it was sharing a new toy as a child,  meeting a celeb as a teen (when I was fourteen I won the chance to meet Christina Aguilera and promptly posted all over fan sites offering to collect and pass over their fan letters), or emailing my friends and family about an ah-mazing travel deal I found last week, I get overly excited about sharing things that bring me joy that I think could bring that same joy to others as well.

I know what you’re thinking… “That’s all fine and dandy but why should we trust your faves?”

Aside from being beyond obsessed with all things travel, fashion, health, beauty, and lifestyle, I am now a grown up. And being a grown up means you not only have to pay rent (ugh) but you have to have a job.

Lucky for me, aside from the early wakeup call (triple ugh) I spend my days as a “real person” working as a TV producer (The Oprah Show, The Rosie Show and The Talk), freelance writer (www.fabfitfun.com) and on-air lifestyle expert where I am constantly reviewing products and places of all sorts and lots of times, testing out products, experiences and recipes before they are available to the public.

Until now, I’ve shared my favorite discoveries with a few close friends, but Been There, Tried It allows me to spread joy and fun to as many people that read (Hi, Mom!)

I hope you’ll find some fun (and hopefully some funny) on these pages and I’d love to hear about your favorite discoveries too!

ME! (In Budva, Montenegro- one of my new favorite places!)


  • Cindy Aronsohn

    September 13, 2013 - 3:08 pm

    Monica sent me the September 7th clip of you on TV. You were/are FANTASTIC!!! Happy New Year! Love, Aunt Cindy

  • katiedalebout

    December 8, 2013 - 10:18 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring KIND in your recent Detroit Fox TV appearance!
    Love to talk about partnering with you more! Let me know! Thanks!

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