My Tips And Tricks To Get Flawless Full Coverage Foundation (Minus All The Cakiness!)

Over the past week or so I’ve been on a makeup makeover kick. My husband forced me to clean our overly cluttered bathroom and devised a terrible, yet genius process where he put everything that was all over the counter into a big bag. He told me to pull from the bag everything I use over the course of a week and leave it on the counter when I was done. Then at the end of the week, we would see what was left in the bag — which would force me to face the facts that I either don’t use it and should toss it or that I use it only once in a while and should store it somewhere (anywhere!) other than our bathroom counter.

At first I was naturally very much against this plan (um, hello, I need all of these masks and eyeshadows and hair tools thankyouverymuch!), the exercise made me see what I truly use and what I don’t. And it inspired me to implement a full-on makeup bag revamp.

Smart, that husband of mine!

I didn’t realize I had so many products that were just collecting dust!! And while at first I was highly skeptical of his plan, I have to say I now highly recommend this method.

BUT there’s more! On top of getting rid of clutter, I found that each day I’ve been using my new full coverage foundation from L’Oréal instead of all my other foundations and tinted moisturizers. I recently worked with Walgreens to show how full coverage foundation is not scary at all, and I used the new Infallible Total Cover Foundation. I have to say that I really and truly LOVE it.

This is not the full coverage foundation from my days on the cheer squad or dance recitals. It gives that full coverage that I want to hide redness and pores, but with none of the cakiness I dealt with back when wearing a two-piece sequined jumpsuit.

You can see my tutorial below on how to apply full coverage foundation for a flawless face that looks dewy and natural while still covering what you want it to.

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Do you have a makeup product you’re loving right now? Share it with me below!


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