Backstreet Boys, Britney, Bread and Being in the Moment

This past weekend, the Husband surprised me with a quick trip up to San Jose to go see the Triple Ho Show (a local radio station concert similar to Jingle Ball)

Why the surprise for this show? Because both Backstreet Boys AND Britney Spears were performing at it and well… it goes with out saying that for my teenybopper loving self, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience (he’s the best!)

And you guys, the show was incredible! I broke out my vintage BSB jacket that I begged my mom for during the Black & Blue Tour circa 2001 (thanks, mom!) majorly fan-girled and spent the night partying like it was (November 8th) 1999 (My first ever Backstreet concert) and it was SO much fun.


BUT honestly I have to admit something: social media made this concert a bit stressful for me. I was constantly trying to post to my snap story, my instagram story, take iPhone video to send to my mom and bestie, and take pics ALL while trying to still dance and have fun and make sure Jason was dancing and having fun and well… you can’t really do that all at once – and the whole having fun/dancing/bopping around is what suffers.


(Snapping the night with spectacles!)

The more I thought about it the more I realized that the best thing about jamming out to a really good song while you’re baking, driving, in the shower or cleaning is that you’re actually having a BLAST being present in the moment – soaking up every note and chord of the song. And a concert is supposed to be (and always used to be) that amazing feeling times a million.  But, it’s impossible to really be in the moment if you’re trying to Instagram and Snap the whole thing.

This was an arena of eighteen THOUSAND people  almost all of whom had their phones up in the air as well. And that got me thinking- WHY do we all do this?! To show other people how fun it is?  Isn’t it better to just HAVE fun and tell people about it after the fact? Because we want to watch it later? If I want to see Backstreet Boys sing As Long As You Love Me, all I have to do is go to that trusty little site called YouTube.

At this show, Backstreet Boys only sang 5 songs and I have to say in hindsight, I wish I didn’t spend so much time trying to capture it instead spent the time actually living and experiencing it.

Because this is what I looked like when I WASN’T trying to snap or Instagram or use my phone at all:

and it’s SO much more fun than when I was…

So I’m making a deal with myself – we are going to see Backstreet Boys in vegas (naturally) in March and I have no plans of snapping or instagraming or even video’ing it- I fully intend on spending the full 2 hours of this concert (and every concert after), jumping, dancing, screaming and singing at the top of my lungs just like I did before all of this social media-ness way back when in 1999.

Okay now that I got that off my chest- it’s on to some Seriously GOOD travel eats. First of all lets talk about this bay area Philz Coffee phenomenon. I’ve never seen so many drip coffee options or so many people in line for drip coffee in my entire life! But my usually latte loving self got on the bay area bandwagon and after asking the barista nine million questions, ordered some sort of delicious concoction of coffee, almond milk and cocoa and it was all kinds of yumminess.


From there we ventured over to Psycho Donuts– it was highly recommended by the lovely man at the front desk of our hotel and the donuts LOOKED amazing and the husband looooves himself  good donut (no really he just ordered a mini make your own donut machine…) but according to the hubs they actually weren’t that great and we would say you could skip.


While walking around downtown San Jose, we stumbled about this place called Sofa Market and wandered inside and let me just say move over Panda Express and Sbarro! This is like the wellness/healthy eating/local eating lovers dream of a food court! They had pho, an organic burger joint, a cute coffee stand with homemade treats and an AMAZING juice stand, Vitamina, where I got this delicious juice:


and so much more! It’s so nice to see concepts like this popping up. Big fan and I would love something like this here in LA!

And perhaps the food highlight of this trip… so many bay area bloggers always post about the Gluten Free sourdough bread from Bread Srsly and I’ve had a major case of GF bread fomo! BUT while up in Palo Alto I stumbled upon a cute little market called and there it was! Waiting for Me! I obviously couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try it so we bought a loaf (and a bunch of other random snacks- leave it to me to grocery shop while on a one day trip) put it in the fridge at our hotel and when I got home, I tried this bad boy and it does not disappoint! BUT trust me on this one, listen to the box and TOAST before eating! 🙂


So there you have it- our short trip to San Jose- we had a great time, ate some great food and of course saw some GREAT boys!



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