DIY Wedding Welcome Bags/How We Made Our Hotel Wedding Welcome Bags Personal!

This past June, I got married!

It was everything I ever dreamed of.  Surrounded by our closest friends and family it was a weekend we will never forget.

One of the most important things to me throughout the whole wedding planning process was how to make our wedding feel personal. I didn’t need my wedding to be “different” or over the top, I just wanted people to walk away from the weekend h  aving 1) danced their booties off 2) ate too much 3) felt our love for each other and 4) felt the personal touches that made our wedding feel like “Us”

So over the next couple of weeks I will share the ways we really strived to make our wedding personal and how you can too! I think a lot of people put focus on how to make their wedding different, but what makes your wedding different is that it’s YOU. There will be no other wedding of You & Your Fiancee so that in and of itself makes it different and special. By focusing on personal elements, you can really let your guests get to know you both as a couple and feel the love between you and to me, that’s the goal!

One of the ways we added a personal touch was with our out-of-town hotel gift bags. We had a large amount of people (about half of the wedding) come in from out of town so we wanted to have fun with our gift bags since these bags were really our first chance to say hello to our guests!

It was important to us to make it creative and personal without going over the top budget-wise, so after some pinterest searching (which I basically did for all just about all elements of this bag), I found these adorable craft boxes and we got them for around 5 cents a piece!

My AMAZINGLY talented sister-in-law, Pauline, (who helped with SO many elements of our wedding), designed these floral stickers to go with the stationary for our wedding and used her embosser (because everyone has one of those right?! But really they are actually inexpensive at Michael’s) to print the gold embossed  “welcome” and attached the ribbon


Now comes the fun part: The fooood!


We each wanted to include our favorite snack, for me it’s plantain chips (I have a very real, actual, terrible addiction and I may need help…) & for The Husband it’s Chicago mix popcorn (cheddar & caramel in case you aren’t familiar):


*Bonus not only does this look cuter than say, a bag of popcorn, but you can save big bucks by buying giant bags of snacks of your choice at Costco and divvying them up into cute packaging!

Then of course we needed something sweet & something salty! Sweet: My sister-in-law (who used to own a chocolate shop), made handmade chocolate covered pretzels (also one of our favorites). Salty: you can never go wrong with some roasted nuts (you know, for protein too!) and these are a staple in our household (though admittedly, I usually try to go for the raw organic variety. #owningit)


I obviously felt like it was my duty to put something healthy for the mornings or for a mid-day snack while our guests were out exploring, so we added in some Lara bars:


And of course, being that so many of our guests had never been to Michigan before, we wanted to add in something local so we put in Vernors (Michigan’s better version of Ginger-Ale)  and some of the best nonpariels you’ve EVER had from Sander’s a local chocolate establishment (which by the way also has the BEST hot fudge if you’re ever in the area!) with a little note that said “Michigan Favorite”


With each bag, we added a personal note from us to welcome everyone to Michigan cut out like… Michigan! (Because how weird would it be if we cut the note out like Ohio instead?!):


(again this was done by my incredible sister-in-law “Pinterest Queen Pauline”):

And after I saw these cards on a post from Lindsay Roberts- the gift giving extraordinaire, expert, and founder of the fabulous blog The Gift Insider (who gave me SO much fabulous guidance and help throughout the whole wedding process!) I also ordered these wedding weekend timeline cards from Meyer Market Designs on Etsy:


Lastly, we wanted to leave our guests with everything they needed to know for the weekend but also with places to eat, shop, workout, beautify, explore and more so we printed up this double sided card using the same design as the stationary we also used for signs at our wedding (designed by the incredibly talented genius Kendall Goodard from A Moment In Time and Jen House Design) filled with everything they needed to know!


And there you have it! Our welcome bags! Posting about this is making me hungry!

Next week I will share how we added personal touches to our wedding!




  • Sid

    May 12, 2017 - 12:51 pm

    Hello! Your guest bags are adorable. Would you be able to tell me where you bought the supplies for these (kraft box and sticker on front)? Thank you!

    • Jill

      May 15, 2017 - 6:22 pm

      Hi! Thank you SO much!! My sister-in-law made these for me. She designed the sticker herself- the boxes she ordered online! I will find out where from and get back to you!!

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