I Scream for (Dairy-Free) Ice-Cream!

Some people are cake people. For others it’s cupcakes. Or cheesecake (looking at you, husband) Or pie.

I’m 100% an ice-cream/frozen yogurt (and chocolate chip cookie/scone) kind of girl.

Case in point: during my first summer hiatus at The Oprah Winfrey Show, I got a job working at a frozen yogurt shop. While all of my other co-workers spent their time off traveling & relaxing – I spent my summer spooning mochi balls and fruity pebbles on top of tart yogurt for $11 an hour at Berry Chill (RIP):


It’s how I first discovered I was allergic to dairy. After consuming fro yo all day everyday for 3 months, my skin looked worse than a 14 year old in the midst of puberty and I felt awful.

So, after my Dr. delivered the devastating news, I cut out dairy and go figure,  my skin cleared up.

Flash forward to 2016.

While I do occasionally enjoy the full dairy version of things, I notice my face is always puffy the following day, I breakout, feel fatigued and overall it’s just not a good look.

But that hasn’t taken away my major love  affair with ice-cream! So what’s a dairy free girl to do?

Find the best dairy free alternatives, of course! Over the years, I’ve tried a LOT.  I’ve tried some horrible ones, some okay ones and some amazing ones. If there’s a new dairy free frozen dessert on the market, I’m down to try it.

And just recently I found a few new obsessions I had to share! So pull up a spoon and take note!

#1 For the stricter paleo eaters/ice cream sandwich loving folks: Coconut Girl Frozen Dessert Paleo Ice-cream cookie sandwiches!


After the suggestion of a former co-worker (Thanks, Derek!) I found these at Erewhon and was immediately a fan. The cookie is soft, the coconut milk based ice-cream is creamy and delicious and since it’s sweetened only with dates, honey and maple syrup it’s all ingredients you can feel good about.



A warning: You really need to like maple and nuts because the maple flavor in the cookie is strong.


It’s quite large so I ate one open faced and spread the ice-cream between the two cookies! Highly recommend these and can’t wait to try all of the other flavors! So far I’ve tried Vanilla (above) and Coffee (below!)


#2 For the cookie/cookie dough/I miss regular ice-cream/I just want something delicious that I can eat on the couch out of a pint kind of folks- Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss Ice Cream in Chocolate Chip Cookie:


You guys. This ice cream is next level. The Husband and I once shared a pint with a spoon outside of a grocery store and finished it in an embarrassingly short amount of time. But just look at it at you will understand.


I’ve never met a chocolate chunk I didn’t like. BUT paired with chunks of cookie?! Dessert just got upgraded, folks.


Luna & Larry’s has been around for a while and I love a lot of their flavors but this one is a MUST try! Thank me later.

#3 For the fro-yo/soft serve loving/want to avoid refined sugar at all costs folks- Pressed Juicery’s Pressed Freeze in Chocolate and Vanilla Almond:

Pressed Juicery has hit the we are dessert geniuses jackpot because they took their their delicious almond milk, put it in a soft serve machine and made THIS:


I can hear the angels singing as I type this. It’s creamy, it’s sweet and it’s made ONLY with almonds, dates and cacao (for the chocolate). It’s guilt free and even their toppings are healthy (ranging from berries to coconut to chia seeds and dairy free chocolate chips)  but there is nothing better than their almond butter (see above) and their Cacao Drizzle:


It hardens into a fudge like consistency and I could probably exist on cacao drizzle and cacao drizzle alone.

Not all pressed juicery’s have Pressed Freeze yet so check online before you go. But definitely, definitely, GO.



What dairy free desserts have you found?! Share them with me!



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