Kicking off Pumpkin Season… On My Face!

Is there anything better than the start of pumpkin season? For some reason as soon as August hits, everyone is jonesing for some of the orange stuff.

The annual return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte might as well be a national holiday- there are currently countless articles on the interwebs speculating the release date of  the OG Starbucks beverage, and Dunkin Donuts just announced their PSL will return August 29th! Pumpkin recipes (bars! pies! muffins! scones! soups!) are already flooding your Instagram feed and while every year you TRY to fight off the pumpkin frenzy because, well it’s still SUMMER and like 85 degrees outside, you can’t help but feel the need for some pumpkin.

But since I can’t get my hands on a Pumpkin Spice Latte just yet,  I kicked off pumpkin season in a whole new way. Besides, I’m trying to save that beloved sugary PSL (and the calories that come with it) for the first brisk day of fall. So this year, I started celebrating with pumpkin… on my face.


Enter the Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask from Andalou Naturals ($14.95).


I’m always looking for something to help tighten and brighten but am always wary of hash chemicals or unnatural products that will make me break out.  I’ve read countless times about the benefits of Pumpkin and Manuka Honey to help kill bacteria and brighten skin but I’ve never tried it!

Until now! The product looks like pumpkin:


And bonus! It’s goopy, so it’s fun to put on:


Also, it smells like pumpkin too, sooo you may want to have some pumpkin treats (I love these ooey gooey paleo pumpkin bars)  on hand while your mask dries!

When you put it on, the mask starts to tingle right away.


You wash it off after ten minutes and I could instantly see the difference in my skin (pardon the crazy hair)


It DID feel less dull and my skin looked brighter.This was just after one use and I love it as a less harsh way to exfoliate dead skin cells. I especially love that it’s made with ingredients I can pronounce. Mainly with Vitamin C, (which helps with pigmentation, uneven tone and dark spots cause by sun damage!), Pumpkin, (obviously!) (which helps to brighten, smooth and remove the dehydrated skin cells), Manuka Honey (helps to clarify) and Glycolic Acid (which exfoliates dead skin cells and gets rid of impurities)


What face masks are you loving right now? and more importantly, if you’ve got a good pumpkin recipe let me know!!! mmm pumpkin



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