Tried It! Freezing My A*$ Off With The Latest Wellness Trend: Cryotherapy

By now you’ve likely heard of Cryotherapy. A freezing cold (read: between -200 and -260 degrees Fahrenheit) chamber where you stand naked (well you DO wear socks and gloves, and if you’re a dude, your boxers- so there’s that) for anywhere from 90 seconds to three minutes while someone on staff cheers you on (and if you’re lucky, as in my case, your mom) while blasting a favorite song and trying not to think about how cold it is because it’s supposed to be good for you. The pamphlet says it is, the internet says it is, and a whole lot of celebs who are obsessed with it also tout it’s supposed benefits: great for pain and inflammation, alleviates sore muscles after a workout in an instant, better sleep, clearer skin, more energy, weight loss and the list goes on.

I first came across this crazy sounding trend while researching Mandy Moore (yes, the Mandy Moore who drove a green VW bug while singing about Candy) when she was on a talk show I worked on a couple of years back, I saw she was constantly posting pics of herself partaking in all the fun that looks likes Cryo.



My curiously was piqued but I forgot about it.

More recently, Cryo centers have been popping up all over Los Angeles, but still I haven’t made the time to go.

But last week when I was home in Michigan, while on a walk with my mom, I noticed a Cryo center not too far from our house. And the next day when we went for coffee on the other side of town- ANOTHER Cryo center.  So I figured with far less traffic and lots more parking, why not try it?!

I headed over to Boost Cryospa where the staff was friendly and the facility was impeccably clean.


First they had me robe up:


I tried the Cryofacial first which I didn’t even know was a thing until they told me it was.  When someone tells you that a cool (pun intended) ten minutes will help with collagen production, elasticity and overall aging, you say Um, where do I sign up? I have to say, the ten minutes of cold air being moved all around your face honestly felt amazing and relaxing. Granted it was 90 degrees outside but it reminded me of those cold windy days in January when I lived in Chicago –  only I knew it was temporary so it was FAR more pleasurable and nostalgic.


(I never looked this relaxed walking in Chicago winters….)

After the treatment was over, my skin was glowing and felt great. Defintley a million times better than when you get poked and prodded at regular spa facials!

Next up was whole body Cryotherapy and I have to say, I was nervous. I picked a 90s pop tune (NSync because I skipped too many times on the Backstreet Boys Pandora station), and got hoisted up into the cryosauna aka- the chamber of holy-french-fry-it’s-cold.

Heres what went through my mind:

0-:30 – This isn’t that cold. I got this. Bring on the health benefits! I feel myself getting smaller and less inflamed!

:30-1:00– okay it’s cold. but not that cold. I totally got this. Also I forgot how good this NSync song is. Note to self- add this to workout playlist.

1:00-1:30– Okay. it’s that cold. How much time is left? It has to be almost over, right? RIGHT?

1:30-2:00– I can’t believe I still have thirty more seconds in this thing. Also, I think my boobs might be permanently frozen. Is there a such thing? Will I make it? I will make it. OMG. It’s over. Praise the man above. I made it! okay get me out of this thing.

Folks, It. Got. COLD. The last 30 seconds were Fuh-ree-zing and there was no way in hell I was making it to three minutes. The trick they teach you is when you get cold to stick your arms out of the freezer for a second to warm up and thankfully that helps.


BUT I did feel great after. Did I sleep better or feel more energized? Nothing significant enough where I noticed. But I also know you aren’t going to see results after one treatment. I’d love to try this once a week for a month to see what happens— especially if it can help with my lower back pain.

Total cost was $65 for both treatments. Not something I would want to spend regularly but I would consider doing it every so often and it was far less than any other facial! (far shorter too but a much better post facial glow!)

If you want to see more check out my snap-story from my time at Boost Cryotherapy center in West Bloomfield, Michigan!

Special shout out to the great staff at Boost and to my mom for helping me keep my mind of the freezingness of it all with her killer dance moves!



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