Dust Off That Waffle Iron… And Other Fun Kitchen Hacks From My Appearance on Windy City Live!

In case you missed it – I had a blast sharing more kitchen hacks on Chicago’s Windy City Live!  You can watch it here!


Over the years through work and through falling in love with baking and cooking, I’ve amassed a plethora of kitchen gadgets. Couple that with The Boy moving in AND this whole registering thing that you’re supposed to do before you get married and let’s just say my cabinets and kitchen drawers are looking like a very messy and overstocked Bed Bath & Beyond…. mostly the Beyond section.

Spend five minutes in that Beyond section staring at the walls and walls and walls of kitchen gadgets, and you quickly convince yourself that your life will not and cannot be complete without every single one. Of COURSE I need both an Avo Saver, Hard Boiled Egg Slicer and Melon Baller. How did I exist up until this point without one? What kind of barbaric human am I?!
But before I allowed myself to fall totally and completely into the abyss of the Beyond section and register (or buy) another single use gadget to take up more space (and drive my anti-clutter fiancee crazy), I did a little research and it turns out that some of these items currently collecting dust in my (and I’m assuming, your) kitchen can serve double or even triple duty!
Here are just a few!
The Pizza Wheel- Let’s face it,  how often are you whipping up a fresh made pizza? I made a homemade cauliflower crust pizza… ONCE… FOURTEEN months ago.  And now, that wheel is rather dusty and maybe even rusty. But good news! It chops up your herbs in an instant,  which is great because chopping up ANYTHING is such a giant pain and when things take too long (like chopping up herbs), I’m more likely to ditch and order in… a pizza (and did you know that when you order a pizza you don’t need a wheel because the lovely folks at the pizza joint do the wheeling for you?!)
So put that pizza wheel to use and chop those bad boys up (and hey maybe sprinkle them on a homemade pizza?!) This is a great way to finely slice your herbs without slicing your fingers!
The Hard Boiled Egg Slicer- sure this is great when you’re whipping up an egg salad or a cobb salad, or mainly when you’re having company over and want to make the eggs look presentable instead of like the terrible mess you usually serve up to yourself. But really, how often are you pulling out the hard boiled egg slicer? But you know what else they can be used for? Strawberries. And slicing those up always seems to take forever. So try putting them in the egg slicer instead and in just seconds you will have pretty and presentable sliced berries! For smaller berries you can use two at a time and this also works well with olives and fresh mozzarella! Who cut The cheese?!
Tupperware Lids- I know I’m not the only one who seems to have 5,423 tupperware lids in my cabinet yet NONE of them seem to match with the 5,423 tupperware containers. Use two of them they don’t have to be an exact match) to slice cherry tomatoes, grapes or pitted cherries in a flash. Simply take one tupperware lid and place a bunch of cherry tomatoes on top, then put the other tupperware lid on top of those and press gently down with your hand. Take a knife and cut horizontally in between and in the time it would take you to chop just a couple cherry tomatoes, you will know have enough for your entire salad!
The Waffle Iron- File this kitchen gadget with the one item everyone thinks they need but maybe use once a year… until now! You can whip up a batch of (waffle) brownies in just THREE MINUTES. Um, brownies that cook in minutes AND look like a waffle? Yes, Please.
Simply make your boxed brownies as directed but add an extra egg, add about 3/4 cup at a time to your preheated waffle maker and bake for three minutes! (May take a bit longer depending on your waffle iron) but don’t open the iron up until the three minutes are up! Then add whatever toppings you want! Whipped Cream, Ice Cream, Sprinkles, Hot Fudge, Berries (that are sliced ever so perfectly thanks to a hard boiled egg slicer?!) I’m getting hungry here, folks)
You can also use your waffle iron for a quicker way to cook so many other goodies – try making hash browns (use tater tots to make it even faster!),  store bought cinnamon rolls (place one in each quadrant), eggs, doughnuts, french toast and more!
Thanks so much to Windy City Live for having me! I always have so much fun and a special thanks to my fab producer, Andrea! Always love an excuse to see a friend and call it “work”
Ps- SO excited about my new blue suede shoes I bought at the Bloomingdales Outlet (yes there’s a Bloomingdales Outlet in San Diego-  who knew?!) Had to share! Such great deals there! Love these because they aren’t too high and are actually comfortable!



  • Bonita Kemp

    March 19, 2016 - 1:55 pm

    I really enjoy all your tips.
    But having trouble trying to find your earlier finds. I’m so glad I saw you on WCL. I hope you can come through at least once a month.

    • Jill

      August 17, 2016 - 9:24 pm

      Hi Bonita! Sorry my spam filter made me miss this message! I hope to be back in Chicago soon but I’ll be updating the blog regularly moving forward with lots of fun hacks and lifestyle content!!! Thanks so much for visiting!! Have a great day!

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