En Route To Chicago: Raising the bar with RX Bar and a Tune In Alert!

Hello there!

I’m currently writing to you from above the clouds on my way to Chicago for a few days on my old stomping grounds. So excited about some quality time with friends and undoubtedly, great food. I still think that Wi-Fi on planes is just about the coolest thing ever. Am I the only one that not’s over it yet?!

Also, I forgot my jacket back in LA sooo this should be really fun.

Before I get to the whole foods and friends part of my Chicago trip, I’ll be stopping by Chicago’s Windy City Live on ABC tomorrow morning at 11am (CST) for some fun! I had such a blast last time and can’t wait to visit again to share some more kitchen hacks to save you time in the kitchen! If you aren’t in Chicago, you can watch it live here!

I spent the day yesterday down in San Diego so I flew out of the San Diego Airport this morning. I hit snooze five too many times so I didn’t have time to stop for coffee or food before rushing off to the airport. Lesson learned that when you snooze, you really do lose. Beware all people of the world who are flying out of the Southwest terminal from San Diego- bring snacks and caffeinate before security. There are practically zero options once you cross through security, which is why I had to leave the gate, go to baggage claim,  get an iced coffee, suck that puppy down in two minutes flat and then go BACK through security. #caffeineaddict

Just when I was getting all Hangry with no food to buy, I remembered that I had my newest obsession/snack in my bag. (If this was a text, I’d be inserting the praise the lord emoji here)

I’m always on the hunt for a snack that it easily transportable, satisfies both my hunger and my sweet tooth and is not full of garbage. Typically a snack that fits all of the above are hard to come by but I’ve found it! The RXBAR, welcome to my life. I think you’ll be here a while.

I discovered these after my friend Dyana (check out her blog here!) gave me a chocolate coffee RXBAR and I was instantly hooked. I ordered myself a variety pack so I could try all of the flavors and loved each one better than the last.


Composed mainly of 2 dates, 3 egg whites, a few nuts and sometimes some cacao, fruit or pumpkin these all come in at around 200 calories a bar and a whopping 12 grams of protein and while most bars promise to be filling, usually I find myself looking for another snack an hour later. But these really and truly keep me full.

They are chewy, they are yummy, they have the perfect amount of sweetness to feel like a treat and so they are my new “can’t leave home without one” item.
I’ve taken them to work for that mid afternoon slump:IMG_0799

On vacation when there’s truly no food in site:IMG_1262

And thankfully, I threw a few in my bag before heading off to the airport! Plane reads & plane snacks- check and check:IMG_1371

My personal favorites are the Mint Chocolate, the Chocolate Coffee and the Pumpkin (add a few non dairy chocolate chips to the pumpkin for a real treat that you won’t be mad at.)

What travel snacks do you carry with you?! Share your favorites so I can try them too!

Excited to see you, Chicago! Coatless and all!




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