On the Fence: Beef Jerky (Epic Honest Harvest Wholesome Trail Mix)


This has been a very exciting week. The Boy and I celebrated two years together (crazy!), I found out that Backstreet Boys will be not only be the show “Undateable” next week- but they will also be on the same lot WHERE I WORK.  (Poll: Do we think it’s okay if I “coincidentally” wear my Backstreet Boys studded denim jacket to work that day?! “Oh, this old thing?”)

Oh AND I tried a new snack… Beef Jerky.

So much excitement, so little time.

Here’s the truth about Beef Jerky. When I think about Beef Jerky I think about growing up seeing Slim Jim commercials and those tubular things of beef at the gas station that looked (in my opinion), beyond nasty. 8th grade me thought why have that as a snack when you can have Gushers? or Teddy Grahams (chocolate ones, obviously). Or those yogurts that came with a thing of sprinkles to pour into it! Sprinkles in a breakfast food?! Um, do I even have to SAY yes?

But if you’re paleo or more like paleo-ish, beef jerky seems to be one of the favorite go-to snacks. Just like Vegans and their raw power balls, or Los Angelinos and their cold pressed juice, paleo people love them some jerky.

But I have been resistant to join the jerky train of fun. My reasons:

#1- the name “Jerky” sounds weird. Where did that name even come from?!

#2- It smells and no one wants to walk around with jerky breath. Or at least not me.

#3 – I’ve been scared of the taste.

BUT since realizing on Monday that I’ve GAINED 5 pounds (pretty sure that is not supposed to happen when you’re planning a wedding) I knew it was time to trade in all of my gluten free holiday treats and focus on eating clean. So I’ve cut out sugar, cut back on carbs and am trying to eat mainly veggies, proteins, good quality fats with some fruit and dark chocolate  thrown in (because no one wants to see me without chocolate)

But that’s left me in the afternoon snack slump. Munching on celery (and pretending it’s a giant bag of plantain chips) is only satisfying for so long so today the time had come to try out… beef jerky.

I had read about the Epic Bars but I am NOT ready to commit to a beefy bar. No way. But at Whole Foods I saw the Epic Honest Harvest Wholesome Trail Mix for Omnivores.

They come in a variety of flavor combos but I went with the Hunt & Harvest Mix


A trail mix esque mixture of jerky and nuts- I like nuts!


and the jerky was in teeny tiny little strips:


So I figured this was a good intro to Jerky life 101. I opened the bag, though still not a fan of the smell, I kept an open mind as I prepared to become on of those pro jerky instagram posters.

And then this:


I tried a few pieces. At first I was like EW. Gross. But then, it wasn’t so bad. But not so bad as in, if there was nothing else available to me, sure, I would eat it. BUT as far as a satisfying snack option? I’ve learned that jerky just isn’t my jam.

So for all you other non-jerky lovers out there, I’m still in the market for other satisfying pick me up snacks that don’t involve nuts, celery or nut butter! Any ideas?!



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