ZOMBIE Face Masks! (Otherwise known as Korean Beauty Rubber Face Masks)

You guys!
Have you heard of Rubber Face Masks? Because I just tried one and I have never had so much fun putting on a face mask before! They have apparently been a staple in the Korean beauty world for years and a fan-favorite with celebs and spas alike but now, anyone at home with $5 bucks and 10 minutes can get in on the action!

These aren’t just any sheet mask. When you put the paste on, it turns into a rubbery mask that conforms to your face which allows mineral-rich nutrients to be absorbed and when you peel it off you remove dead skin cells and impurities from the skin!

So while prepping for my segment tomorrow morning on Fox 2 Detroit  on great activities for a Girls Night In, I tried one of these out, you know for research and such. Research that helps me get TV ready skin? Um, yes please and thank you.

I got these Lindsay Modeling Rubber Masks from a great website called Glow Recipe (they were on Shark Tank too!), that curates all of the best K-Beauty products coming from Korea and they break down what it is, what it does and offers tutorials and translations (since most the packaging is in Korean).

The rubber masks come as a single serving facial in a little plastic cup like this:


You open it up and it’s just a powder:


But then you add a bit of water and mix it with the plastic mixer (that comes with it) until it becomes a paste like this:


Then you paint in all over your face until you look like THIS:


Totally TV ready, right?!

Learn from my mistakes: I realized I added too much water to mine and it was a bit runny so I didn’t use it all and attempted to add MORE to my face as the leftovers in the container began to rubberize. Lesson learned that once it starts to rubberize, it’s hard to add to the mask and makes you look extra scary:


But I did love watching it drop off my face and bonus alert! I totally felt like I underwent a major makeup transformation for a major motion picture that I could like totally get nominated for an Oscar for or something.

The mask has a very cooling and soothing effect and as it dries,  unlike most masks, it doesn’t get tight as it hardens. As it becomes more rubbery, it is still really breathable and moveable.

After ten minutes, you just start peeling away- you’re supposed to be able to peel it off all in one piece but because I had mine too watery from the start, I peeled mine off in sections and boy was it fun. Remember how fun it was as a kid to put Elmer’s glue on your hand and then peel it off? That couldn’t have just been me, right? Imagine that ball of fun and multiply it by one-million percent!

And presto-change-o rehydrated skin!


I not only loved the mask, but I truly had so much FUN putting it on which means I am totally going to want to do it again and for me, the biggest thing about a skin care regimen is actually following through- so the more fun = the more likely I will actually do it = the better my skin will look.

I highly recommend these especially for a night in with your besties for some amazing photos and amazing skin. #GNI!

Can’t wait to share all of the other goodies with you tomorrow morning on The Nine on Fox 2 Detroit!




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