Ho Ho Ho it’s a Ha-Ha-Hanukkah Party

Happy Hanukkah/Chanukah!

This past weekend I had my second annual Hanukkah dinner and I got VERY into keeping the food within the Hanukkah theme.

But first, let’s talk Target. Just when I thought I couldn’t love Target any more, they really stepped up their paper plate & Hanukkah decoration game. I mean these cute plates made serving dinner on paper actually acceptable!

And the napkins? I love them a Latke (see what I did there?!) The table was so colorful and bright (just like the candles from the menorah! Zing!) that one might not even notice the plastic silverware OR the cheap blue plastic tablecloth I used. (FYI The plates are designed by Spritz and I highly recommend them both for their cuteness and price point)


Also, let’s talk about exciting it was to get to use our new camel Menorah that we got as an engagement present (thanks Amy!). It’s both cute and pays homage to my dad who was born in Egypt.  It’s so nice to see some out of the box Judaica out there! The elephant one is also super cute in case you’re on the market for a new menorah!


Now on to the food. Sure we have the obvious Dreidel cookie cut-outs:


And even the chocolate dipped, hanukkah sprinkle decorated Gluten Free Jo-Jos from Trader Joe’s (that taste JUST like Oreos in case you were wondering) aren’t a total surprise:


But I needed some Holiday treats to take from ‘meh’ to ‘we are celebrating miracles, people’. So I ordered a boat load of gelt off of Amazon, spent eons unwrapping every single one and then made gluten free sugar cookies (using King Arthur’s gluten free baking mix) and pressed a piece of Gelt in the center right when they came out of the oven.  They are sort of, kind of like those Hershey Kiss thumbprint cookies only minus the peanut butter and minus the Hershey Kiss.

Okay so not like those at all. But how cute are they!


And now, for the dessert that is SO Martha Jewart of me – mainly because I got the recipe FROM Martha Stewart.com:


HOW cute are these! And so simple to make too! You take Marshmallows, melt some chocolate, take Hershey Kisses and dip them into the melted chocolate and then press the into the marshmallow. Then you set those on parchment paper and let them sit in the fridge for about ten minutes.

Next, you take the pretzel sticks and shove them into the marshmallows and then dip the whole thing in melted chocolate, while they are still wet, sprinkle on the sprinkles and then stick them in the fridge to set!

My personal favorite dessert were the gluten-free-but-so-not-obvious-that-they-were-gluten-free-that-everyone-ate-them-up chocolate chip cookie “candles” I made:


These were a cinch to make as well. I baked the cookie dough batter (using cup 4 cup gluten free flour and 60% cacao chocolate chips!)  as you would a normal batch of blondies and let them cool. Then I cut them into candle stick shapes (well at first I cut them too thick hence the one in the center but then I halved them) and dipped the top edges in melted chocolate and let them run down the sides to look like wax and then sprinkled the with blue, white and yellow sprinkles!

And let us not forget that you have to have some balance in the food you serve:


And besides there is no such thing as too many food menorahs. Or is there?

Happy Hanukkah!



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