No Tricks in These Treats!

And a Happy Early Halloween to you.

This is the time of year that everywhere you turn, cute little miniatures are taunting you. “Eat me” screams the mini Milky Way in front of your assistants desk. “I’m sooo yummy” shouts the Snickers bar at Craft services.

But the truth is, aside from the fact that eating these miniatures on the regular between now and Halloween will lead us to feeling and looking not so miniature, these candies are chock full of ingredients that aren’t so good for you. And I’m not talking about from a weight perspective. They are chock full of the dreaded Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce to keep them shelf stable so that you could save your leftovers for next Halloween and hand them out to unsuspecting kids.

How gross is that? When you really think about it. You can save you Halloween candy until June and it will still be the same. Food is supposed to go bad and anything that doesn’t is questionable at best.

Thankfully there’s a company out there that is trying to do candy right. or rather Real.

Meet: UNREAL. They have your favorite peanut butter cups (and in so many flavor choices too!) and your candy coated “m & m’s” but UNREAL’s ingredients are sustainably sourced and free of GMOs, gluten, soy, corn, excess sugar and artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives.

In place of the junk, they’ve added more of the good stuff, like more cacao, more protein and more fiber from real foods. And everything is made with less sugar, so that each candy has a lower glycemic index.

I got to try out some of their yummy-ness and let me say- this Real food tastes gooood. So while you’re stress eating over your costume choice or handing candy out to your kids– try giving them/you a treat you can feel good about. No tricks here. Just real ingredients!

And now on to the best part- the taste test.

First up: The Cups!


SO many flavors. If you’re a dark chocolate girl (like me!) there’s a treat for you. Allergic to peanuts? Don’t worry! Try their almond butter cups! Like a little crunch in your candy? Try the crispy quinoa peanut butter cup (comes in both milk and dark!)

First up- the Dark Chocolate Crispy Quinoa Peanut Butter Cup


80 calories per cup of pure goodness with 2 grams of protein and only 5 grams of sugar. It’s Vegan, Gluten Free & Soy free too! Oh and did I mention that it tastes delicious? Quinoa isn’t just for dinner any more, people!

And in case you’re team milk chocolate- it comes in that too!


If you’re anti-legume, try the Almond Butter Cups! I was a big fan of these too- same cals (80 per cup) and same deliciousness with a different flavor!


And let’s not forget about their candy coated milk chocolates and chocolate peanuts. 


You wouldn’t want to bathe in artificial colors and chemicals, so why should your chocolates? Instead, UNREAL uses the natural juices of carrots, beets, cabbages and more, giving them fun colors that are just simply Real. These don’t taste like the M & M’s you grew up with but they hit the candy coated craving and are still downright delicious. They both come in at 170 calories per serving (40 of the chocolate and 15 of the peanut!)

And added bonus! They also have Halloween buckets and treat bags  so you can get single serving mini sizes to give out to your Trick-Or-Treaters this year (or if you’re like me, keep single servings on hand for portion control purposes)


Happy No More Tricks and Real Delicious Treats!





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