Healthy Eats & Lots of Treats: My Day at Disneyland!

Is there anything better than a day at Disney?! I don’t care how old or generally grumpy of a person you are, as soon as you walk through those turnstiles and see the castle, happiness takes over and you suddenly forget it took you an hour to park because well, there’s Minnie Mouse and I swear her dress just gets cuter with age.

So the other day The Boy & I headed to Disneyland with my brother, sister-in-law, 4 year old niece and 1 year old nephew, Ben, to celebrate his birthday!

The park was decked out for Halloween and yes, Micky as a Pumpkin is pretty adorbs. And as always the celeb sightings NEVER disappoint:
Fan girling over Fairy Godmother #BippityBoppityBoo
Um, sooo what’s your secret Rapunzel? I’ve got a LOB (long bob),  I need to grow out by my wedding! #IsItPantene?
But  let’s talk about the food. Because all that walking around/crying/screaming on Thunder Mountain (true story) works up one very big appetite. And I have to say given my eating style, I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised to eat at an amusement park. Every cafe as a menu that looks like this:
It breaks down what you can order based on your allergy be it gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free or nut free and they help you customize it to your preferences. Then a special chef oversees your food and makes sure you’re happy! (Not shocking since it is the happiest place on earth after all)
First up The Jolly Holiday Cafe, I got a great meditreanean chicken salad (hold the feta & olives please) served up with a gluten free roll and it was great!
But my favorite thing about this place? Their homemade potato chips. The were warm. They were salty and they were gooood. Nothing like waving at Goofy during the parade while noshing on these babies. Uh, can I get an extra bag to go?
Later in the evening we moved over to California Adventure and before we took it to the rides, we stopped at Mortimer’s Market for some snacks.
Mortimer’s is stocked with healthy options from fruit to veggies to… one of my most favorite Disney snacks of all, a giant pickle in a bag for $3.49
And it was worth every penny:
After we snacked on pickles we headed over to Cars Land for the Cars ride and before you’re all like “what a cute fun ride, you must have had a blast, Jill” you should know that I prefer 5 year old levels of fun. Well actually five year olds can be much more adventurous and more fun than me as evidenced by the child sitting contently behind me in this photo while I… well, this photo speaks for itself:
I get may-jor brownie points for agreeing to go on this ride. Granted it’s not really a roller coaster like most of man kind thinks of roller coasters- but it goes fast (okay so it’s probably not that fast) and there are hills. and some drops. And it did I say it goes fast? Okay I’m a giant baby but at least I went, right?!
Now THIS is my kind of Ride. (This is about as adventurous as I get #Imighthavebeenscaredduringpartsofthisride
After all that anxiety from riding only the scariest ride ever, it was time for some dinner so we headed over to Flo’s V8 Cafe and I couldn’t believe how great this dinner was! Fresh grilled veggies and a turkey salad with cranberries. But you guys, it wasn’t just gross deli turkey. It was fresh cut roasted turkey. A Thanksgiving salad as I’ve renamed it.
Now let us not forget about the treats. Because what would the happiest place on earth be without a whole lot of happy treats?
First up: The ice cream pop from Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream. To keep it  dairy free (well, except for the toppings), I opted for the berry sorbet covered in dark chocolte, chocolate chips and sprinkles (disclaimer: no one is pretending this is healthy)
Not all pics are pretty… taking a GIANT unattractive bite in order to get the next shot. True Life, This Is For My Blog. And My Taste Buds


but after tasting my nieces, it was clear I should have gone for the real deal ice cream.
And you can’t just have ONE treat at Disney. That would be like only meeting Anna and not Elsa. Total craziness. So of course I got my favorite Disney treat. The M&M mini Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treat. Not dairy free. Not refined sugar free. but SO G double O D.
And even though we (or was it just me), couldnt feel our feet any longer, we stuck around for the World of Color and called it a day and I was asleep in the car within 5 minutes. Not unlike my four year old niece who fell asleep in her stroller. So all in all food and otherwise, the day was a total success!


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