Oh My God I’m Back Again… with a Smoothie and More! (and yes I just used a Backstreet Boys song as my title)

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Hello there!

It’s been a loooong while since I’ve written and while a lot has happened– the blog got a makeover (do you like it?!), The Boy put a ring on it (yay!), I entered a new decade (um, yay?) and I’ve been cooking up a storm (posts coming soon!) but like a true friend who you haven’t seen for a while, it’s nice to just pick things right back up like no time as passed.

So let’s pick things right back up, shall we? I wanted to let you all know that I will be on Fox Detroit tomorrow morning on their morning show, The Nine (in the 9 o’clock hour) sharing some of my favorite new kitchen gadget finds. These are all items that make cooking/baking/DIY’ing in the kitchen a whole lot faster and easier… and makes the excuse that it’s too difficult, too expensive and too time consuming to eat healthier a whole lot harder.

I will post all of my finds for you here tomorrow or you can stream it live here!

But what kind of long lost true friend would I be without sharing at least some of the details?! Obviously I’m going to give you some of the dish because well, it’s just so much more fun that way.

One of the gadgets I am featuring is a brand new personalized blender by Oster that takes the cuteness of a Ball Mason Jar and turns it into a smoothie making machine! Cute + Convenience = Yes Please! (Cutenience? could that be a new word?)

More on the blender itself later but in order to test out the gadget, I of course had to make something with it. Twist my arm.

So here’s my current smoothie obsession. I know I sound like one of those crazy health freaks when I say this but it’s so good that my former fro-yo/ice cream obsessed self feels totally fooled by this gem. Sure it might not look like a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s but it’s downright delish! I’ve converted even the most Team More Sugar Please peeps to this with ease! Try it and tell me what you think!


Serves one:

1/2 frozen Banana

1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1 pitted date

1 tsbp almond butter or Nutzo

1 cup of spinach (or other green of choice! or go crazy and do a combo! The world is yours!)

1 heaping spoon full of cacao or cocoa powder (not sweetened)

3 ice cubes

Blend it all up and you’ve got yourself a delicious treat!

IMG_6412 IMG_6413  IMG_6415


Fro-Yo? More like Fro-No!



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