Wednesday Win: Chocolate- It’s Not Food It’s Candy.

Is there anything better than being reassured as you’re savagely opening a bar of chocolate deliciousness that the decision you’re about to make (consuming large amounts of said chocolate) is a good one?Because from the tagline alone, I can totally 1000% say that I want to be BFF’s forever with eatingEVOLVED:


And aside from their vote of confidence that I should be consuming chocolate on the regular, there is also the fact that their products are downright delish. And not to mention, Gluten Free, Paleo, Refined Sugar Free, Dairy Free, & Organic. So sampling them in the name of this blog? I can’t think  of a worse way to spend an afternoon. 🙂


First up: The Dark Chocolate Carmel and Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cup:


I’m not much a caramel person so I figured I would like this one the least which is why I tried it first. But without exaggerating here, my mouth didn’t even know a chocolate treat could taste this good- and one that’s refined sugar free no less! (They sweetened only with a touch or organic maple sugar) It was the perfect combo of EVERYTHING. Sweet, creamy and unbelievably addicting. Before I knew it it was gone. And I was sad. I hate when that happens. Like when you just want to rewind the clock and enjoy it allll over again. This usually happens with Almond Milk Lattes and Fro-Yo… but now I can add these to the list.

It’s honestly amazing that I was even able to snap these photos…



Next up: The Dark Chocolate Coconut Butter cups:



These are not quite as rich but equally delicious and satisfying. The Coconut Butter Cups come 2 in a pack and also come in a mint flavor (which I haven’t tried but based on these two flavors, I’m sure are heavenly)

Next up:  Almond & Sea Salt 72% Cacao Chocolate Bar!


First of all, how CUTE is the design?!


Secondly, it comes in at 250 calories for the entire bar! Amazing! And while I generally prefer an even darker chocolate I can totally get on board with this crunchy/salty/sweet mixture. But if sea salt on your chocolate isn’t your thing, fear not! They have tons of other flavors (ranging from 72% Cacao, 85% Cacao and 100% Cacao)

Consensus? This is the perfect treat to perk up the mid-week slump. Suddenly two more days until the weekend doesn’t seem so bad so long as I have this coconut butter cup to soften the thought of two more early morning wake ups. But then again, I’m also not against having this treat any every other day of the week.

And for a whole list of guilt free treats (including eatingEVOLVED), check out my latest FabFitFun article here!



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