I’ve heard about the launch of Keep Collective for a while now and have been waiting to get my hands on them!

The premise: Tell your story through adorable “Keys” (charms) and wear them proudly on equally adorable “Keepers” (bases)

So imagine my excitement when this delivery arrived at my doorstep:


Even the packaging is swoon worthy!

They have just about every charm you can think of in silver, gold and rose gold – from letters to numbers to lockets to inspirational sayings/charms or hobbies you adore- they even have a watch Key! All of them easily slide on and off of the Keeper’s so you can change them up daily:


And their Keeper’s come in a range of colors, and styles–  many of which are reversible! (Ranging in price from $19-$59) from leather, mesh or metal bracelets to necklaces- you can make your Keep Collective uniquely you.

Here are three reversible pastels/metallics in Mint, Blush and Lavender:



And the Gold mesh bracelet and Gold bangle:


First up, the mint green leather keeper (because I am currently obsessed with all things mint green) & four keys that mean a lot to me:



The “Balance” Larvikite Wishing Stone: to remind myself daily to stay balanced- between work & play, dreams & reality, giving & receiving  (Larvikite is also said to help you stay balanced, happy and protected, fend off negativity, reconnect you with nature, and for clarity of vision.)

The Four Leaf Clover: The four leaf clover brought my best friend Suz & I together – we were obsessed with finding them and drawing them when we were kids so it’s always been a symbol of our friendship. She is now living in Nigeria and so it’s not only a charm to remind myself that you create your own luck, but it’s also a daily reminder of how lucky I am to have a bestie like Suz!

The letter J: For me and for the one I love 🙂 <3

and an Arrow: To remind me to keep looking and dreaming forward, and moving in the direction of my dreams!

Next up the lavender Keeper!


The reverse metallic side is equally adorable:


The Elephant:  I’ve always been drawn to elephants. They have various meanings in different cultures- all of which are good.  They are also known for their big hearts and I think this is a great reminder to always keep my heart open!

The Anchor– to always keep me grounded and remind me of what keeps me steady!

And my birthstone! June!

Even the clasp is detailed and so cute!


Also loving the watch Key- it’s much smaller than my normal day to day watch which makes it perfect for dress and I love the blush Keeper with the rose gold metallic reverse side! (Also wearing it here with the gold bangle)




(testing out the watch on the mint green band– love!)

I’ve had so much fun wearing my new Keep Collective bracelet’s and can’t wait to add to the collection. I pretty much want to collect & keep every Key and Keeper they make- which I’m pretty sure is the point. And I am already making a mental list of who I can get these for as gifts and what charms I would get them! I love the idea of being both stylish and sentimental and inspirational at the same time!

Making new friends and keeping the old!

From top to bottom: Kate Spade enamel Bow Bracelet, my new Keep Collective Mint green Keeper with charms, Stella & Dot Pave Chevron Cuff, Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster bracelet 





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