Friday Finds: Fitness Fun & Football Food!


Happy Friday! Is it just me, or was this week the longest week evvvveeeeerrrrr?! Pretty sure it’s not just me. but I’ve never been more excited to see you, Friday. Hashtag TGIF.

I hope you all have some fabulouso Friday night plans. Mine are pretty amazing: cozy pjs, fuzzy socks and a Backstreet Boys documentary screening party (party of two, sorry-not-sorry BF).


I mean, I don’t find it at all coincidental that the BSB premiere and Oprah’s birthday were on the same day! I’m counting down the seconds until I get to watch this gem! It will most likley definitely include a full on BSB dance party (full review of the doc (and maybe the dance party) coming later, obvi)

Anywho, let’s get to my Friday finds. This week in my weekly fitness column for FabFitFun, I tackled fitness finds that make fitness a wee bit more fun. Because let’s face it, with Valentines day two weeks away, everywhere we turn there is a chocolate filled heart or peanut butter truffle or bowl of pink, red and white m&ms (that we convince ourselves must taste entireley different than the original color variety and therefore eat 12 handfuls) staring us in the face. So we need a few things that get us a little bit excited to keep our “must get fit” mantra going- and these do the trick! Click here for all those fab finds!

Moving right along from healthy to the absolute opposite… Superbowl Sunday.

So I have to admit something- even though I went to a big ten school (Go Badgers!) and went to many a football game, I know pretty much nothing about the sport (though you wouldn’t have known that based on my rather plentiful batch of Badger apparel- I do miss putting on cute “football” outfits!)  But this Sunday, I will be “watching” the Superbowl (aka waiting anxiously for Katy Perry’s halftime performance) at a Superbowl party. In years past, I would’ve just picked up some TJ’s apps to bring… but after my first Hanukkah party, I decided it’s so much more fun getting sucked into a black hole of themed recipes and then deciding to make far too many of them (once again, sorry BF). Last night I made themed pretzel buttons because they are always a hit (and because I had leftover hershey kisses and M&Ms from said Hanukkah dinner party):


and I think I will be making these amazing Peanut Butter Bon Bon’s from the adorbs Maria Provenzano. We had her on our show over the holidays and the entire staff were clamoring around the set once her segment wrapped and scarfed these bad boys down in five seconds flat…


And I’ll be putting my own twist on these slutty brownies. Because they look amazing (and amazingly easy to make hence their name)! I’ve seen a million varieties of these on the internet and they look like delicious amounts of fun:


Then I’m debating between these football shaped brownies (I decided I must order a 101 piece cookie cutter kit after seeing them)- though I prob don’t need them since I am making the other brownies (thinking out loud here)


Otherwise, I’m thinking about making this football shaped cookie dough dip (eggless of course!):


Or some sort of Rice Krispie treat that is football themed.

Got any fab fitness or football finds? Share them with me!




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