I’m Back! But My Back Isn’t (Back)… Adventures in Acupuncture, Acupressure, Cupping and A Whole Lot More.

People of the interwebs and readers of this blog, I apologize for my almost month long hiatus.

I’ve spent the past month eating homemade chocolate covered strawberries while laying on this sleep induction acupressure mat in order to both heal my back and appease my taste buds.


Because, well, if you’re going on month three sans working out, why not lay sedentary while feasting on strawberries dipped in chocolate and mini m&m’s? (Shout out to The Boy for making these for me! Adorable dot com)

So here’s the sitch: few months ago, after volunteering to dye my hair red at work (but pre volunteering to chop it all off) I volunteered to act as the victim in a self defense segment. And while I learned a lot of valuable tips, my “attacker” took the whole acting part a bit too seriously and tackled me to the ground pretty hard.

Home and Family 3038  Final Photo Assets

Home and Family 3038  Final Photo Assets


(Me- fighting off my “attacker”)

So I’ve spent the last three months trying to get my back well… back.

First I tried doing nothing- that didn’t work. Bending down to put on my shoe, and basically doing anything for too long (sitting, standing, walking, laying down) left me in really terrible pain. I tried moderate exercise thinking it might help but it only made it worse.  I tried massage, which was of course uber relaxing–  but didn’t really help the pain.

I got the acupressure mat from my guest, Dave Asprey founder of Bulletproof coffee when I produced him at work.



(love him!)

You should know that sometimes this mat is referred to as a Bed of Nails. Who wouldn’t want to lay down on it?! This ain’t no ordinary mat, people.They have these sharp pokey thingies allll over it that is said to decrease muscle soreness and increase the level of endorphins. (They can also increase the level of uptake oxygen in your body, which improves the quality of sleep, digestion and metabolism.) The only thing is, when you lay down on it at first it hurts. A lot. But after about thirty seconds, you feel a warmness come over you and your muscles really do relax. Any time my back feels super tight, I spend about twenty minutes on this bad boy and it really seems to help.


However, the mat was only acting as a temporary relief, so next I followed with the magic of Dr. Bryan Abrams chiropractic care which really helped move me in the right direction. After a few weeks. Dr. Bry suggested that I also try some acupuncture!

So, I pushed my fear of needles to the back of my mind and went all in with the alternative medicine route.

The needles are tiny and don’t hurt at all. They feel a little heavy but the whole experience is pretty relaxing. (And this is coming from the girl who usually almost passes out when having her blood drawn… and maybe even still cries sometimes…. don’t judge)

After my first go round of the ‘puncture, my adorbs acupuncturist (as an aside she rocks some really really cute boots (the things you notice when you’re face down on a table with needles in your back) asked me if I had ever heard of cupping. I totally had but didn’t really know much other than they place these cups on your back.

She explained that cups are lit on fire before going on to your back and then the heat and the cups act as a suction and when pulled off your back it helps to promote circulation to the area in which you are feeling pain (and that it’s also a great to boost your immune system response) and suggested we try it to see if it helped my back. She warned me that there would be bruising (not painful, but not cute) and I said bring it on.

I mean afterall, I’m not trying to bring sexy back like my pal JT. I’m just trying to bring my back, back.

I was nervous it would hurt but didn’t hurt at all! Not even a little bit! It felt a little weird, sure, but no pain whatsoever and I have to say, it really did seem to help (though I can’t tell if it’s from the cupping or the acupuncture– I’ve been going to acupuncture 2x a week for three weeks now and my back is already feeling the best it has since the injury)

What I didn’t think about however, was how The Boy might feel about said Cupping experience…. because well, I did look like I was beat up by some sort of weird alien:


Okay, I admit, it looks terrible and painful, but I swear it didn’t hurt and it went away after a few days.

The Boy made me swear I wouldn’t do it again but I couldn’t oblige. But since relationships are all about compromise, my following cupping sessions have been relegated to my lower back only. You’re welcome, BF.

I’m finally starting to feel back on track. Get it?

I’ll be here all day, folks.

Do you have any all natural ways to relieve or reduce pain? Share them! I’d love to try them!




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