When Life Hands You A Messed Up DIY Ombre Cake… Make… Cake Balls!

Happy Hanukah! Or is it Chanukah? Or Hanukkah? I can’t keep up. Leave it to us Jewish folks to not be able to decide how to spell the name of our holiday. In honor of the big H (or CH depending which spelling you choose) I was inspired to throw my very first dinner party… the show I’m working on now made me think I could like totally for sure throw a DIY dinner party where I cooked everything, made every decor and looked like I was a living Pinterest board/Etsy shop.

What I quickly learned: this show has given me false confidence. I’m like one of those people who try out for American Idol thinking I am the next Mariah Carey only to get told by Simon Cowell that my singing would even make deaf cows cry.

Okay so maybe I’m not that bad, but I’ve still got work to do! This whole do-everything-yourself-stuff is NOT easy. Not to mention the lines at Michael’s this time of year. Who knew?! I have mucho more respect for the DIY’ers of the world!

One of the desserts I was most excited to make was a (gluten free) blue Ombre cake (for Hanukkah of course!) that was supposed to look like this (only a smaller version):


I ordered the food coloring gel and made my four colors in mini loaf pans… and all looked great…


Until the time came to layer it… and well, I was told it was un-serveable.

And even though I had a million more desserts to serve, I almost lost it (which is why there are no photos…) I was SO excited to make this perfect ombre cake and was not very happy at being told I should just throw it out and what I should have/could have done to make it work. #thankyouCaptainObvious #nowisNOTthetime

I almost gave up… but then I thought WWPD (What Would Pinterest Do?)

And it was right there in my kitchen that I had my very own a-ha moment!

In a fit of determination/rage/I will make this work, I mushed up the entire cake and frosting bowl and decided to make… cake balls! I had never made cake balls before and I had no idea how to do it but I figured mushing up the cake and frosting was a good start. Once the cake and frosting were mixed together, I rolled them up into balls and stuck them in the freezer for 15 minutes to firm up. Then I rolled them in chocolate and decorated them with sprinkles and presto chango my crappy looking cake became yummy looking drops of delish:


I stuck them in the fridge to set and then plated them for the party:



and… they were a hit! With a surprise of Hanukkah/Chanukah/Hanukah inside!


Blue cake balls!

Lesson learned folks, never give up! It’s not over until the cake is served in one form or another…

The party turned out to be a great success and minus this one little setback, I really did have a blast planning/prepping and throwing it! And now, I have an excuse to reattempt the ombre cake! More details on the party to come!

Would love to hear about your favorite DIY dessert or any time you were able to rescue an almost un-rescuable recipe and turn it into something great!



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