What a week!

Monday kicked off the start of The 21 Day Sugar Detox. The Boy and I decided to do this after a few too many weeks of sweets and treats and by Monday at 4pm we were g-complaining (that would be complaining to each other over g-chat) about what a mistake this was. BUT we are determined to stick it out — hopefully without wanting to kill each other– I mean, after all, there is that famous saying “the couple that detoxes together stays together”…. or something.

I actually have to say, more than missing sugar itself, these first few days made me realize how often I just want something sweet not because I actually want to eat something sweet but rather because I’m bored or tired to want to procrastinate or stressed and instead of just doing what I need to be doing, I live by the motto “BUT FIRST- something sweet!” Because really, who says, “I’m so stressed, you know what I could really go for? A big cruchy bowl of… BROCCOLI!”

No one.

At least no one I want to be friends with. #broccoliaddictsneednotapply

So today, day four, I can honestly say I don’t have sugar cravings and that’s something to be a fan of!

But, what I’m not a fan of? The headache and constant fatigue I’ve felt all. week. long. I guess that’s why this thing is called a 21 day detox and not 21 days of feeling

I do however like that this is bringing out the cooking side of me even more! (more posts on that later) AND I have to say, it’s 17x more fun doing this with someone else. Okay, scratch that – there is really nothing FUN about this, but it’s more tolerable knowing someone else is going through it too… you know, because misery loves company and all that jazz.

Seeing as The Boy and I live a few hours apart, we can’t cook our meals together, but we can (and did) cook together over Facetime… we made the same recipe for the no sugar almond butter cups… are we nerdy or what?

Don’t answer that.









Note: While these aren’t bad, the are not as good as they look!  Def would be better with the tiniest drop of honey or maple syrup to sweeten then a touch… #honestyonlyonthisblog

Okay moving right along… you know what else I learned about doing a sugar detox?

You lose your mind and do crazy things (a side effect that was NOT listed in the book but I am certain is to blame) Because yesterday, I volunteered myself to chop off all of my hair at work… What?!

We had the fabulous celebrity stylist Giles Robinson here and I was asked if I wanted to cut off my hair (I think the real reason I was asked was because everyone at work was sick of seeing my bright red hair turned orangey faded mess) and  in a total state of no sugar deliriousness I said, “sure!” (again, what?!)

Right before the chop chop snip snip:


and then it happened:


The last time I cut my hair short was in 8th grade and I promptly cried in bathroom in the salon (lest my hair stylist knew I was miserable… I’m not a fan of confrontation.) and so when I saw this on the floor, I can’t lie, I was immediately taken back to 1998… #PTSD


I had to remind myself that I’m a grown up… at work… who volunteered for this… and I must keep it together. But it was a bit hard.

A few more snips and before I knew it… I looked like this!



I was shocked at first (I usually freak out when I get 1/2 inch trimmed and this was that multiplied by a million) I mean look at all that hair in my hand! (gross, yes, but cute photo op!) but I have to say, this Giles Robinson knows what he is talking about because life with a LOB (long bob) is fun so far! Giles was super charming and his British accent was very distracting as he was snipping away… so I didn’t realize how much was coming off. I was just thinking about having a spot of tea in a cute little flat while noshing on crumpets. But he did a killer job and was as sweet as can be. #newbestfriend


Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare welcome Hallmark star Kellie Martin and get a special peek at her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie “So You Said Yes”. Star of the new SyFy series “12 Monkeys”, Amanda Schull joins us! We learn ways to prevent and treat Acid Reflux from Gastroenterologist, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez. Ken Wingard makes a cute DIY X’s and O’s Valentine’s Wreath! From “Cousins Maine Lobster” Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac prepare one of their favorite Lobster dishes; Lobster Mac & Cheese. Shirley Bovshow answers your viewer questions! From “Benefit Cosmetics” Maggie Ford Danielson shows us how to achieve that cool makeup look; “The Cat Eye”. Paralympic Athlete and motivational speaker, Amy Purdy tells us how she remained positive after losing both of her legs to an infection. Cristina makes a delicious Beef, Tomato and Egg Bake from “Taste of Home” Magazine. Then, Matt Rogers and his sons visit Disney animation for a special behind-the-scenes experience!


You can see all the hair cutting madness today on Home & Family!

I did wake up this morning and totally forgot I had cut it off so I sort of (okay, full disclosure- not sort of) had a freakout moment when I looked in the mirror…but a few swipes with a flat iron and 24 hours post big hair cut chop of 2014, I’m feeling great!

Maybe it’s the new hair (and the extra time it gave me to hit snooze) or maybe it’s the lack of sugar… perhaps it’s the perfect combo!

Happy Friday!



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