Happy Happy Halloween!

If you’re like me and have procrastinated a costume, fear not. I was asked to be on Home & Family today to show off some last minute costume ideas (and my red hair that is now fading to a reddish orange…) and I have to say all are easy and fun.

Home and Family 3035 Final Photo Assets

From left to right: Identity Thief, Me as a Self Portrait, An Iron Chef and Gods Gift To Women (pretty sure most guys I’ve ever dated and the male species in general already feel this way about themselves… #canigetanamen)

Home and Family 3035 Final Photo Assets

If all else fails, go get yourself a Halloween inspired Mani and call it a costume. That’s what I did last year and I have to say, I wasn’t upset about it. Costume shopping is stressful. So many weird machines making noises. So many kids sneezing on you. So many weird costumes that have been turned into a sexy version… I swear I saw a sexy refrigerator last year.

You know what’s NOT stressful? That hand massage they give you when you get a manicure.

I did my nails like this last year! #itcountsasacostume

And now onto the sweet stuff…

Halloween as we all know can be a dangerous slippery slope of candy so cute and miniature that you think lie to yourself, and say “one little twix can’t hurt! It’s so portioned controlled and I will totally be satisfied with just one!”

Then before you know it, you’ve consumed an entire giant plastic pumpkin full and feel anything but miniture.  Well folks,  I’m here to tell you, you can in fact have your Halloween sweets without that terrible mix of sugar and shame.

I recently got a recipe for sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and paleo Almond Butter Cups from Diane Sanfilippo (kick ass author of The 21 Day Sugar Detox) Yes, this is the same detox that The Boy and I will be starting on Monday! And yes, these are 21DSD approved! #thankyougod I’m a little nervous (okay panicked really) about ruling out ALL types of sugar- even the paleo approved ones from my life for 21 looooong days, because well, sugar is good. BUT I am determined to do it in hopes of feeling better and clearing up my skin!

Yes, Please.
Yes, Please.

You can see the whole recipe for these delicious looking gems in my article today for Giuliana Rancic’s FabFitFun here!

Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!



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