I totally missed Made It Monday this week because I was still in shock over bright hair fest 2014. Every time I look down at my hair I forget that I dyed it and the shock sets in all over again. I’m pretty certain in those moments, I look certifiably insane to everyone around me…

Anywho, I realized I still needed to make something but I haven’t had time to grocery shop. And then I remembered that I wrote about how the lovely folks over at Primal Bakeshop sent me a batch of their brand new Paleo Pread Salted Caramel cookie mix to try! And so last night, try I did!

In related news: The Boy and I have decided to give up sugar for 21 days starting on Monday (AH, I KNOW) and try Diane Sanfilippo’s 21 Day Sugar Detox. Which means no sugar of any kind including those that are Paleo approved. So aside from being totally cranky for three weeks (sorry, world) this might be my last homemade post featuring delicious sweets and treats for a while. Life is hard.

But I have to say, after trying these out, I’m not upset that this is what I’m going out on. And I’m not even someone who likes salted caramel things. But holy amazingness to the max. These are gooooood.

So let’s get started! Shall we?!

The mix looks like this!


Now what’s so great about Pread’s cookie mix is that it already comes pre-packaged for you with simple, easy to follow instructions!  It’s like the convience of those crappy for you cookie mixes you grew up with paired with the nutrients and the delciousness of paleo grain-free-refined-sugar-free cookies!



(The contents of the Pread package)

So all I needed in addition to the pre-packaged ingredients was some butter (I used ghee to keep it dairy free) and one large egg:


I melted 8 tbsps of Ghee over medium heat and then removed the pot from the heat and stirred in the pre-packaged amount of coconut sugar:

IMG_0678 IMG_0680

Then I added in my egg


Followed by the almond flour pre-package that came with the mix (it also has a few other ingredients mixed into it giving the cookie that salted caramel flavor):

IMG_0682 IMG_0683

Once it looked like this I put it in a bowl and stuck in the freezer for ten minutes while I preheated my oven to 350 degrees.


Then I scooped the dough into balls and put them on my baking sheet:


The directions say to do 6 at a time… I did 9…   So when I opened the oven after thirteen minutes, they looked like this:


(Noted… There are directions for a reason…oops)

I immediatley sprinkled with a dash of salt!


For the next batch of 8, I added a few dairy free, soy free chocolate chips from Enjoy Life… because what sounds better than a salted caramel cookie? A salted caramel cookie with chocolate of course!

IMG_0693 IMG_0695


And for the last three, I added some 90% dark chocolate to see how that would taste. because more chocolate is always a good thing!


The mix said I would get 16 cookies but I got 21 and they smelled like 21 pieces of Y-U-M:




They were that perfect mix of crispy edges with a soft chewy center. I only tried one without the chocolate and honestly, and  I can’t believe I’m saying this but no chocolate necessary!!! They are SO good. And without the chocolate it means there isn’t a drop of cane sugar in this cookie! (Also, they come in at about 130 calories a cookie in case you were wondering– Not bad at all!)

I can’t believe they came from a mix.  They were so easy to make and you would have no idea they were paleo!


(look at that soft chewy center!)

Happy Wednesday!





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