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Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty great! And while I could tell you all about the great gluten free goodies I tried in San Diego, the uh-dorable coffee shop with the cutest tagline EVER (Life’s Better Buzzed) or the long walk on the water with the ginormous yachts that made me think winning the lottery today would be simply stupendous there is something more pressing I need to discuss.

On Friday my hair went from natural brown to looking like a fire hydrant.

Let’s back it up here– I’ve got some explaining to do.

We were doing a segment here at Hallmark Home & Family on “Candy Colored Hair” and my fellow producer asked me if I would be in the segment.

You see, when I was in high school, I so badly wanted to be Christina Aguilera… I dressed up like her for hebrew school, I wore a horrid silver eyeshadow (Mac Electra) because I read that she did. I wore bandanas in my hair because she did… I dressed up like her for Halloween:



(Uncanny comparison, Right?!)

I wanted to do everything she did… including sing like her… (sadly that part never worked out– although I do pretend in my car/shower– sorry neighbors)

I will never forget when I first saw her C’mon Over Baby video.  She had cool lace up pants and even cooler red streaks in her hair.  And I wanted IN.



I taught myself the dance and begged and pleaded with my mom to let me get red hair like hers. Mama Salama was never one to let us get hair dye  or even wear glittery nail polish– but after annoying her enough she finally caved and let me get red streaks when we were on vacation.

And I signed a record deal, went on a world tour, was on the cover of Vogue and never looked back it was a HUGE DISASTER.

The red faded to an orangey disgusting mess and sadly I looked more trailer trash and less cool Christina.

So when the producer asked me to get red tips I thought this was FINALLY my chance to channel my inner Christina Aguilera (you know, pre-orange spray tan and leather chaps…)

I was so blinded by my potential pop stardom, I didn’t really realize what I was in for…

The plan was to just dye the tips red so that it would look cool for a few weeks and be gone with a simple hair cut.

But as we all know– there is a quote about best laid plans and I won’t quote it here but let’s just say… you can see where this is going… Before I knew it my hair was bleached wayyyy beyond my tips:



(this is my “I’m skeptical about what is going on here” look)

And then, this went on my head:

And this went on my face:


and while I was promised a deep ruby red… I was feeling a little unsure when I saw this on my hair…


And while I was scared… and while it was wayyy more than just my tips… when all was said and done I DID feel a bit like Christina Aguilera… or as The Boy pointed out, not unsimilar to an angst ridden teen who works at Hot Topic…

Let’s Compare:









Pretty sure I should just hit the road and go on tour…

Also,  I did curtsey on National TV… so there’s that…

Home and Family 3031 Final Photo Assets

AND  I’ve been getting some fun reactions… a greasy guy with a gross mustache got all up in my face and creepily cat-called me. And who doesn’t want that?!

But every time I look down I forget that I have this bright red hair and sort of freak out. It’s been three days and I’m sort of missing my normal color.  Also, it’s very hard getting ready in the morning… because now I have to think about how my clothes match my hair. Red is out. But so is pink and anything pastel. I feel like I’m relegated to wearing only spikes and rips and black. Maybe I SHOULD start shopping at Hot Topic…

So now I need to know your thoughts:

1) Do you like it?

2) Do I keep it?

3) Do I keep my hair long and dye it back?

4) Do I use this as an excuse to go for a big cut and chop my hair like this:


Watch Home and Family Today for the full candy-colored hair extravaganza!

In the mean time I will be putting on a concert at my desk… #sorrycoworkers #imagenieinabottle

Home and Family 3031 Final Photo Assets



  • Lauren

    October 27, 2014 - 6:50 pm

    ahhhh such a fun change!!! I do love that shorter look but i love your long hair…maybe dye it back? #Christinaforever #bsbvsnysnc #britneyvschristina

  • Jaclyn

    October 27, 2014 - 8:18 pm

    This post is amazing!!!! “angst ridden teen who works at Hot Topic” hehehehe. The Boy is a little on point, but it’s still cute and cool!! When you get sick of it, I could really go either way, back to long or the wavy lob. You’ve been wanting to wavy lob it for awhile! Plus your hair grows fast!

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