Made It Monday: Curing A Case of The Mondays With Paleo Chocolate Cinnamon Banana Bread!

I have a confession, you guys:


Truthfully, I always wanted to be a morning person, you know be the person who looooves to wake up early before the sun is up while I sat with a cup of coffee and some peace and quiet, meditating and taking in the calm before the crazy day and life’s demands get in the way. But then I realized… sleep = peace and quiet and coffee will be there at whatever time I wake up.

Soo started my life long love affair with the snooze button. It’s a really toxic relationship that the two of us have. I keep trying to say “We are DONE snooze button” but I just can’t help myself and keep coming back for more.

But today starts the day of a new job (yay!) and with that means it’s back to early morning wake up calls. And since mornings have always been and will always be rough… especially Monday mornings (learn how to work with your faults right?!) I decided I needed something for this Monday morning that would make me pop out of bed with my jazz hands ready to take on the world!

The answer: Cinnamon Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread for Breakfast (from The Paleo Kitchen)

It’s like when you were little and your mom let you have a special sugary breakfast on your birthday instead of the eggs or other no fun no sugar breakfasts she usually made you have because you would “pay better attention in school and  sugar rots your brain and blah blab blah” (and of course as it turns out moms… are always right.)

Well this is sort of like that, only without the sugar or the birthday but with all the deliciousness.

And also, no day that starts with chocolate can ever be a bad day.

So over the weekend I took it to the kitchen and whipped up this gem knowing that if it was waiting for me Monday morning I might be more apt to hit snooze 2 times intend of 12.

(I hit it 3 times)

Sooo with that let’s get this banana bread party started shall we?

First things first…Take the four ingredients and place them into a large bowl- Four bananas, 4 large eggs, 1/2 cup of almond butter and 1/4 cup of butter (I used Ghee) and mix it on up (I used hand mixer- I also danced around while I did this which I don’t really recommend because batter sort of spilled out of the bowl (that’s putting it lightly… things got messy folks).


Then to the same bowl add 1/2 cup of coconut flour:


1 tsp baking powder:


1 tsp Baking Soda:


1 tsp Vanilla:


pinch of fine grain sea salt:


and mix it all up with mixer and set aside.

Next step– the chocolatey cinnamony deliciousy swirl!

New Cook Confession– I was intimidated at first after reading that I needed to make this swirly sauce over a double boiler (uh, what now? A double boiler sounds like something that used to be on the Burger King Menu or something) and so I thought maybe I would just throw some chocolate chips in the existing batter and call it a day. But then… I heard the voice. You know the inner voice…  and it shouted at me  “will plain old boring banana bread get you up on a Monday morning?! Jill?! Will It?!” And I knew deep in my gut that it in fact would not. And we all know from Oprah and all of others life guru’s that you should always, always listen to your gut.

So I called for backup… My mom… (because she always seems to know the answers to everything) for further clarification on this whole double boiling business.

After she explained I could just take a pot of boiling water and hold a smaller pot over it with my ingredients until it melted AND after she told me that she knew I could do it (!!) I believed her and I set forth on the next step of my banana bread bonanza.

I took 1/2 cup non dairy chocolate chips (I mixed the Enjoy Life mini’s and the Enjoy Life Chocolate chunks because it’s all I had left in my pantry… chocolate is chocolate, right?)

IMG_0205 IMG_0209

and one Tbsp of Raw Organic Honey:


And 2 Tbsp’s of Cinnamon:


And 2 tbsps of butter (I used Ghee once again):


And put it all in a smaller pot and held it over a pot of boiling water on medium heat:


And I kept stirring until it got all melty and yummy looking (LOOK MOM I’M DOUBLE BOILING! OR SOMETHING!)

IMG_0217 IMG_0219


Once my chocolate all melted I set it aside and greased my 9 by 5 inch pan with coconut oil:


I poured the banana batter into the pan:


And then poured the chocolate cinnamon sauce on top:

IMG_0227 IMG_0228

Next I took a knife and swirled the chocolate sauce all up in that batter back and forth and up and down. I probably did this longer than needed mainly because it was fun.

IMG_0231  IMG_0233

And then I baked that bad boy at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. And my apartment smelled like heaven.

Or rather, like banana bread. Either way it smelled pretty great. Unlike when you cook broccoli. I mean seriously whyyyy does broccoli have to DO that?! Anyone?

Anywho after 45 minutes I pulled this beauty out of the oven:


And I cleaned up stared at it admiring my efforts while it cooled…


And now of course, the best part– I served it up:

IMG_0260 IMG_0259


And tried it out… (mainly because I needed to know if it in fact would be worth getting up for this Monday morning)

The answer: YES. It was moist and sweet but not too sweet- just the way I like it… especially if it’s going to be eaten in the morning instead of as a dessert.

I should note that The Boy thought it was just okay… I’m thinking next time if I was making it for others, I would wait until the bananas were fully fully over ripe or maybe add a pinch more honey to the mix. But if it’s just for me then I would eat it as is!

So here’s the shot of me and my B bread (and my CBC… Cold brew coffee) this monday morning… I made it up and out early! Thanks to you, delicious slice of B bread. #itsthelittlethings.

Eye heart you, slice of yummy.




What gets you out of bed on a Monday?!

Here’s to a great week!



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