Throwback (Thirsty) Thursday: Green Machine!

It’s Thursday! Which we all know by now is the day where we inundate our Instagram feeds with awkwardly adorbs pics of us from the days of yore. (Or if you’re like Kim K, you “throw it back” to twelve too many pics of yesterday’s red carpet outfit because it’s uhmazinggggg and you want the world to see it (and you!) from like 5,000 different angles. hashtag yesterday doesn’t count as a throwback, Kimmy)

Anywho, for this Throwback Thursday it all starts with the worlds best birthday gift. The Boy knocked it out of the park this past June by gifting me what any twenty-something year old would want.

Okay make that any twenty-something year old who is still thirteen in her head… I know there’s a lot of us out there. Teenyboppers unite!


(Men of the world, take note. This is how you do a birthday gift!)

This little Throwback Thursday Tale continues to this past September when after waiting, and road tripping, and stressing out over what to wear and anticipating (much like The Brit song of the same name!) B Day in celebration of my bday had finally arrived (see what I did there?!)

And just like all B Spears songs… It. Was. AWESOME.



We danced like it was 1999 and got monster adult beverages solely because I wanted the souvenir cup (obviously):


And after getting all “Toxic” (both with Britney and with beverages — I’m cracking myself up here folks) the next day left me feeling like I needed a little pick me up… and not in the Vegas Hair of the Dog Just Keep On Drinking  All Day Every Day way but in the Los Angeles Can I Get A Green Juice And Some Electrolytes and a Massage Would Be Great way.

And once again, the universe aligned because right on the main floor of our hotel right next to the slot machine was…


This, my friends is a true tale.

Overcome with joy at the very sight of a juice stand, The Boy and I shared a The Popeye Protein – a smoothie that was all sorts of heaven. It had cinnamon and spinach and a whole lot of other goodness and I wouldn’t stop talking about it for the next 24 hours. I didn’t want to leave Vegas because I wanted this smoothie on the regular. We found out there is a location in Pasadena but really am I going to drive an hour for this?

Okay, yeah, I probably would.

Then The Boy reminded me that I had a Vitamix at home and adorably suggested that I start using it to make my own. He got a copy of the menu for me so that I had the ingredients right there in front of me and nothing to hold me back from making this dream a reality.


And so, this Throwback Thursday has been waiting to happen ever since and is proof that you really can make ANY dream come true. You just have to go for it.

So once again… Let’s TAKE IT TO THE BLENDER!

This greentastic drink modified version of The Popeye Protein all starts with a few simple ingredients (I did not have any hemp protein or any protein for that matter that would work in a smoothie so I left that out) I have NO idea how much of everything they used at The Juice Farm so I just guesstimated.


Into my blender I threw in about 1/2 a frozen banana followed by 1/2 heaping teaspoon of cinnamon:


a scoop of raw almond butter (less than a tablespoon– about a half to 3/4 tbsp):


One date (pit removed!):


A large handful of organic spinach:



And about 1/2 of this bottle of Vita Coco:



I blended on high for about a minute or so while I put all my ingredients away:



And poured it into a cup:


And was left with this beautifully green and cinnamony smelling smoothie (which I garnished with a little extra cinnamon)



And now, for the taste test:


Um, okay not to like pat myself on the back or anything but holy organic spinach this tastes like I added magical fairy dust and rainbows with huge pots of gold at the end of them into my blender.

(It’s probably just the date. But um, YUM.)

Just to make sure I wasn’t being crazy and one of those people who thinks it’s good because I made it myself thankyouverymuch I asked my BFF to taste it because BFFs tell you the truth:


Her reaction? 1) she loved it 2) she said who needs the juice place when we’ve got this?!

Throwback Thirsty Thursday complete! I highly recommend this delish little pick me up that took a minute to make and a minute to clean up.

**Note, My BFFs wedding IS taking place in Pasadena next weekend so I still might (and by might I mean I will) go back to The Juice Farm to get their version… you know just to make sure my flavors are on point…

Happy Thursday!

Peace, Love, Green Drinks and Britney Spears 4 EVER




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