Wore It Wednesday: (Hot) Pink for October and Awkward Selfies to prove it!

It’s October!!

Which means T-31 days until you can get Halloween candy on SUPER sale.

It also means, it’s breast cancer awareness month. The month where pink isn’t reserved only for Wednesdays. #meangirlsreference #imissthatLiLo

Although today happens to be a Wednesday and I happen to be wearing a (neon) pink.

There are so many great things about breast cancer awareness month… raising money for a great cause and educating yourself on all things Your Boobs. Oh, and there is also the fact that this month you can do a whole lot of shopping… And feel absolutely no buyers remorse because 1) it’s all for a good cause and 2) you look so cute in pink! (It’s the universally flattering color and the color of loooove. Right?!)

One of my favorite things out there this October to add to your wardrobe AND help raise money for a good cause?


This adorable neon pink Strength Bracelet from Stella & Dot… (It’s brighter in person than it looks!) Your arm party will never look better AND you’re helping to raise money for the Noreen Fraser Foundation. It’s a fashion/foundation win-win!

SO I may or may not (I did) plan my entire outfit today around this pink/elephant cuteness…

Today my sister-in-law went to labor (!!!) I’m about to become an Auntie for the fourth time… and I am on Best Aunt Ever duty meaning I will be spending today (and the next few days ) with a three year old. First stop is picking my niece up from school. I got some weird looks this A.M. when I dropped her off with my hair in a messy bun, smudged eyeliner down my face and two mis-matched shoes but hey judgey pre-school moms all cute in your Chanel espadrilles, I hadn’t had a chance to change since I got the call that my sister in law was going into labor at 3:45 AM!

Okayyyy, maybe I could’ve found five minutes to look semi put together but kids these days go to school reallllll early… (9 A.M.) #imallergictomornings

So for the pre-school pickup and the rest of my day, I am keeping it simple… but put together. Something that says less “homeless hot mess” and more “busy mom Aunt still finds time to put clothes on. How does she do it?!” Another reason for keeping it simple? The chances my niece will spill paint or chocolate on me are… 110%.

To start (aside from the bracelet, of course) I wanted another pop of pink and I’m pretty obsessed with these bralettes from LF:


As someone who generally can’t wear bralette’s like these because well, I have boobs, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it off as a bra but after seeing my bestie rock it and go on and on about how comfy it is I figured I should at least just try it on… and I was pleasantly surprised! It’s one size fits all (which normally means fits a size negative boobs)  but it was actually cute AND supportive!  Sooo I ended up buying it in three colors!

Threw it on with a white T so that the criss-cross shows- because what’s the point of a cute detailed bralette if it’s hidden?!


And followed up with my personalized “Dream” necklace, arm party (all built around the elephant bracelet, of course!) and rings (all from Stella & Dot)


Lastly, threw on my Paige faded jeans and my glittery sandals from Target ($5!) mainly because I know my three year old niece will really appreciate the sparkles.


And lastly, here are some Awkward selfies of me trying to capture my outfit with the iPole Mini by Fastcap. Because unlike most bloggers of the interwebs, I don’t have a photographer boyfriend to capture endless photos of me walking through the street with an iced coffee in my hand and laughing while simultaneously holding a bouquet of perfect pink peonies. So sorry but a weird pole holding selfie in my apartment will have to do!




Pretty sure the point of this pole is so that you get rid of the awkward arm in selfies… I think I just made it seventeen times more awk.

Anywayssss- What are your favorite items for breast cancer awareness month?! And what are you wearing this Wednesday?

And ps- if neon isn’t your thing (or you also love rose gold just as much as neon pink, like me check out this adorable option that also benefits the NFF too!)



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