Look Mom! I CAN COOK! (Paleo Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies)

My mom is a kick-ass baker. Growing up I would sit at the counter in our kitchen and watch her bake for hours on end.  She would have on All My Children or Oprah in the background while I would wait in anticipation for my big starring role: pouring the chocolate chips into the batter (it was kind of a big deal).

And then  of course, waiting ever so patiently (err- not at all patiently) again for the BEST part– eating the dough off of the spatula (hey, this was the 90s. Salmonella wasn’t like a thing yet. Or something.)

One might think that growing up around a mother who cooked and baked and was incredibly neat and organized, her only daughter would follow suit…. because genetics. Or environment. Or both.

Yeah. Not so much… Especially in the neat and organized department. #sorrymom

However, for as little as I don’t bake, I happen to have an abnormal amount of kitchen essentials. If you took one look in my (disorganized) cupboard, you will see too many pots, pans, baking sheets (some still in plastic wrap), four different kinds of blenders (none of them used… by me at least), a crock pot (also never used), my mom’s old food processor, and on and on the list goes.

Since I moved to Los Angeles, (two years ago!) I told myself I would cook more. But much like that person who says “the diet starts tomorrow” there was always an excuse that left me keeping my cookbooks collecting dust and my bank account nearing overdrawn status thanks to twelve too many trips to Whole Paycheck.

Until this past weekend.

After some convincing from The Boy to reorganize my kitchen to 1) create more counter space (as someone who believes that clutter-can-be-chic this was hard for me!) and 2) put things like said blenders in a place where I can reach them so that I might actually use them (fancy that). And after he taught me how to use my Magic Bullet I was inspired to start USING my kitchen as more than just a place to heat up grass fed meat and dump some TJ’s lettuce into a bowl and call it “cooking.”

So folks, I went all in with a recipe I’ve been wanting to try (plus I happened to have all of the ingredient in my pantry so there was no excuse!)

Macadamia Chocolate Chip Cookies from “The Paleo Kitchen” — a brilliant paleo cookbook from two of my favorite Paleo bloggers- PaleOMG and The Civlized Caveman.



The first thing this recipe calls for is Macadamia Nut Butter. And after my tutorial in the Magic Bullet I felt confident  I could make my own! Well okay, maybe not even the least bit confident but Fake It Till You Make It, right?!


After pouring the nuts into the plastic cup thingy, screwing on the blade thingamajiggy and plugging it in….

IMG_9527 IMG_9528

I opened it up and LOOK!!!! This really IS Magic!


However, problem number one in this whole foray into cooking: The cup of nuts did not yield a cup of butter and I was fresh out of Raw Macadamia Nuts. This is where my penchant for buying health foods came in handy:



Luckily I had a jar of this on hand, as you do and added some to make a full cup!


Problem solved! Next up, I added some honey, coconut oil, and an egg to the nut butter







Followed by the Coconut Flour:




Naturally, I was documenting every step of this process. For you and for me because let’s face it, I was VERY proud that I was using my kitchen and needed some proof to all who might not believe me! So as I was snapping the picture of the bowl and it’s muy delicious looking contents… my phone may or may not have decided to fall out of my hands and into the batter. I would’ve taken a picture of it… except well… my phone was soaked in honey, coconut oil and an egg. #Paleoiphone

And now, the speaker on my phone doesn’t work. BUT I do have a kick ass batch of cookies so I guess in the scheme of things, I win. I don’t like talking on the phone that much anyways. But you know what I do like?


So, let’s get back to them! Because after stirring in the coconut flour it was time for my favorite part….




It took everything I had in me not to eat this batter. Also, I ended up using less than the half cup of the (dairy-free, soy-free) chocolate chips that the recipe called for– it looked like a LOT of chocolate and even though I heart chocolate (as evidenced by this blog), I didn’t want them to be too sweet! After letting the dough sit in the fridge for about ten minutes (and tending to my poor phone) I scooped them into cute little plops out and popped them into the oven!



After about 15 long minutes, I held my breath as I opened up the oven….


LOOK AT THAT MASTERPIECE! IT LOOKS LIKE A REAL COOKIE! Like One I Would Buy. Except I made it. From Scratch! And it’s Gluten Free. And Paleo. And Refined Sugar Free! Ah!



And now for the real test…


Oh sweet angel of desserts, Backstreet Boys and all things good in this life. They look like a cookie and they taste like one too!! #NomNomNom

After thought:  I think next time I would use a tad bit less honey but I think it’s because I am sensitive to things that are sweetened after cutting back/out on the sweet stuff. However, my friends who have tried them love them and I’ll be taking the rest over to my Brother’s for Rosh Hashana Dinner tonight. I mean after all, they are made with honey.

Apples and honey or chocolate chip cookie made with honey?! AS IF there’s a debate here!

Wishing those who celebrate a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Hoping to spend a lot more time in my kitchen (and sharing it with you, of course. That is if I don’t accidentally chop up my phone in one of my blenders…)




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