Chocolate. Enough said.

Let me make this short and to the point: I like chocolate. Like a Backstreet Boys song, I’ve rarely met a piece of chocolate I didn’t like.

But in my attempts to eat paleo(ish) and therefore avoid cane sugar, and since sooo many chocolate bars have soy lecithin in them (uh, thanks but no thanks) I’ve been on the hunt for a paleo friendly bar of the brown stuff that still tastes like a whole lot of delish.

I had almost given up hope until the universe reminded me to never, never, never give up. And that’s when I spotted it at the check out line at Plum Market in of all places- West Bloomfield, Michigan:

eatingEvolved’s Primal Chocolate.


They had me at their slogan:


Finally someone who gets it!
Also each package comes with three portioned out bars that all come in somewhere around 150 cals.


They understand that most chocolate addicts need some help in the PCD (portion control department) and while these are portioned out, you still get a decent size bang for your bites!

  • img_8202

Also, as an aside, can we just take a sec and discuss how cute they are! Who needs stuffed animals or trips to the zoo when you’ve got this cutie on your chocolate?!


But most importantly- how do they taste? Clearly the worst part about blogging my food finds is the taste testing. Life is hard, you guys.

The first one I tried was 100% cacao and to me, it’s great but you have to reallllly love dark chocolate to like this because there is nothing added to sweeten it even a touch. It’s pure organic cacao. The coconut on the top added a nice texture!

I like taking a little piece and wrapping a dried apple around it. The sweetness of the apple pulls the sweetness from the cacao!

Next up, was the 85% cacao and it was 100% delicious! Sweet but not too sweet you still really get the dark chocolate flavor and I love that they only use a bit of organic maple sugar to sweeten!

The perfect snack for any insatiable sweet tooth!

I can’t wait to check out all of their other flavors!

Peace and love and lots of chocolate!



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