Airport Win!

I’ve been in Orlando the last few days covering the Zumba convention (more on that fun insanity later!!)

Normally when I travel I look like a mom of seven (only these would be seven children who have a penchant for healthy grub and reads that are less Harry Potter and more Eckhart Tolle). You can usually always find me lugging around a large and in charge bag with a massive arsenal of snacks and spiritual reads (and a very sore shoulder. Packing lightly was never my forte… thank god for those over-priced airport express spas! #canIgetanamen)

My travel motto is to always come prepared lest I become ravenous and turn savage like those kids in that book I read in seventh grade (Lord of the Flies?) and ultimately throw everything I know and believe out the window and start scarfing down Cinnabons by the dozen.

(Seriously though, can we just all take a minute and talk about the power of the Cinnabon smell that wafts through the airport and convinces your inner psyche that you NEED to have it NOW? What is that about?!)

But today, not unsimilar to Passover, is different than all other travel days.

I was snack-less and hungry… And with no kale chips or raw cashews in my tote I was thisclose to hunting down someone still donning their Mickey Mouse ears and feasting on their leftover turkey leg from Disneyworld.

But to my surprise I stumbled upon a gem of a snack stand here at the Orlando airport. Never in my life have I seen such a healthy assortment of snacks and beverages to choose from. They had food for every diet/allergy imaginable!



Kudos to you Cibo Express Gourmet Markets for understanding that not every traveller finds Doritos and Snickers to be acceptable plane fuel!

I ended up with my favorite sweet staple- Hail Merry Macaroons (in a cute and portion controlled travel size!) and a new snack I’ve never heard of but am excited to try- Simple Squares– which is gluten free, refined sugar free and Paleo!


I’m a happy camper with my snacks and reads for the plane!


(Computer case is Stella & Dot, book is by Tal Ben Shahar who I heard speak at the Zumba convention and loved everything he had to say!)

Ready for takeoff!

Got a must try travel snack? Share it with me!


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