Sweet (Tooth) Satisfaction! — Paleo and Gluten Free Treats to Make Monday More Manageable.

Monday! So we meet again!

I thought I’d start the week off on a sweet note. Actually, what really happened is that I was g-chatting with my bestie about my latest favorite gluten free/paleo snack obsession and thought “I should blog about this- the people on the interwebs will want to know!” So I went to my pantry to pull out these gems (more on this later) and realized I have quite the selection of satisfyingly sweet goodies to share. So I arranged them on my table and snapped a few pics– which of course meant taking some a lot of bites to get the perfect shot. All in the name of Been There, Tried It of course. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t show you, my dear readers, what the inside of these treats looked like? Right? Of COURSE right!

So okay fiiiiine, you caught me-  the real reason I’m writing this blog is because it’s a Monday afternoon and I wanted the perfect excuse to gorge on some goodies. Because Sugar. Except not sugar because you won’t find that crap in any of these gems! Haaaay! These bad boys are all gluten free, paleo friendly, dairy free, refined sugar free, but oh so not delicious free. So let’s get to it!

Here are my current favorite I-have-a-sweet-tooth-and-need-something-NOW-that-won’t-make-me-feel-like-I-have-a-giant-muffin-top-yet-tastes-as-great-as-a-huge-gigantic-delicious-muffin:

Now this is what I call a good start to the week!
Now this is what I call a good start to the week!

So let’s start from left to right shall we?

Paleonola (in chocolate fix of course!) 


If you’re like me and think that chocolate is an important part of every meal, then Paleonola is for you. It’s grain free, gluten free and it has the perfect crunch/chocolate ratio without being overly sweet. What is there not to like about 100% cacao mixed with nuts, berries and coconut? Um, nothing. I like to have a little as a snack with unsweetened almond milk but I’d imagine it would be great on yogurt, in pancakes or on ice cream for all you dairy eaters out there! Warning: this stuff is addictive so prepare to not want to share…


Also, this just in, Paleonola apparently comes in a pumpkin pie flavor… I think I just found my Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte replacement! #peaceoutstarbucks

Coconut Secret Coconut Bars (Pictured here in Almond and Classic)


These bars from Coconut Secret are like the candy bars you used to have– only they aren’t. Because they are better. The are also dairy free and sweetened with coconut nectar which means while they are still a treat, they are better for you. They come in four fab flavors– Classic Coconut, Almond Coconut, Mint Coconut and Coconut Macaroon. My favorite might be the Mint Coconut which is why you don’t see it pictured here… I may or may not have eaten that one on the way home from the store…

IMG_8005 IMG_8008

Hail Merry Miracle Tart- (Pictured in Chocolate Mint) 


Hail Merry Miracle Tarts and the oil that makes them delicious (coconut) really are more of a miracle than the miracle oil that burned for 8 nights on Hanukkah (sorry, Rabbi). They are a sweet tooth staple because a little goes a long way– I know, I know, a lot of people say that and then you get the package home and think “a little goes a long way my ass- I just ate the WHOLE thing” I am SO with you and I ordinarily hate (and don’t trust) those people. But these are so rich and fudgey and delicious and incredibly satisfying that you really won’t eat the whole thing at once (but if you do, I SO don’t judge you- I APPLAUD you.) They come in six fabulous flavors but I am partial to the chocolate varieties because well, I heart the brown stuff.

IMG_7995 IMG_8002

You know how people have their weird ways eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Oreos? That’s how I am with these bad boys- I like to eat the crust first!

Matt’s Munchies- (pictures in Mango, Island Coconut and Apple-licious) 


You know how most obsessions you hardcore OD and then can’t even stomach it to say the name? (I’m talking to you, Broccoli Slaw salad.) Well, I discovered Matt’s Munchies a year ago and my obsession is still going strong. These three flavors come in between 35-40 calories per package, are made of just organic Mango Puree and apples/shredded coconut (depending on the flavor) and are downright delish. They are perfect to pop in your purse for a snack on the go and BONUS! The little squares are fun to peel off. It’s like a healthy, non-chemically, non food colored version of the fruit rollups from childhood and are actually made with REAL fruit. Fancy that.


Also, check their website for free shipping and 15% off your order!

Nohmad Snack Co- Extra Dark Chocolate Bar (85% Cacao)

IMG_7984 IMG_7985

Some days (or in my case, every day) all you need is a little chocolate to instantly lift you up. I discovered Nohmad Snack Co at the Melrose Trading Post Farmers Market and it was an instant love affair. They make delicious dark chocolate bars without any cane sugar at all (woot woot!) This 85% cacao bar is the perfect chocolate bar to keep stashed in your pantry when you get that Feed Me Seymour voice in your head. (Or is that just me?!)


Truly Raw Gourmet Frozen Dessert (in Chocolate Creme) 


I recently discovered this jar of heaven at Erewhon Market here in Los Angeles. FINALLY a jar of “ice cream” that you don’t have to feel guilty about should you eat the entire thing in one sitting. It’s a two serving jar (124 calories per seving) that is insanely satisfying, chocolatey and creamy. It’s also only made with FOUR ingredients: Coconut water, coconut cream, cacao powder and raw honey. Thank you Truly Raw Gourmet! I also just read that they opened up an ice-cream shop in Venice called Kippy’s sooo you can find me there always starting… now.


Hail Merry Macaroons (Pictured in Lemon, Choco and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) 

IMG_8010 IMG_8011

And finally, the treat that inspired this entire post. I’ve known about these Hail Merry Macaroons for a while but last week I accidentally left a bag of the choco flavor in the car while I was working out. Famished post workout, I went to grab one and the sun had made them super warm… which ended up being the best gift I’ve ever received because holy amazingness these things are fifteen THOUSAND times better warmed up! So today, I recreated the warmness by popping one choco and one chocolate chip cookie dough macaroon in the microwave for 10 seconds — and just call me the Paleo Betty Crocker (minus the whole actually cooking part) because when warmed these macaroons transform into what I imagine Unicorn droppings might taste like. Simply magical.


So these are my favorite must try sweet tooth snacks… what are yours?!

Would love to hear (and try and them out!)




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