As a kid, I never knew anyone else named Jill. Except of course the infamous Jill who tumbled down the hill after Jack. But she wore a bonnet — not so much my speed.

Although now that I’m thinking about tit… maybe that’s who my clumsiness comes from.

Anywho, back to the woes of my childhood: I used to get so sad when I would go to the store with all those personalized magnets and note pads and of course, there were Emilys and Jessicas and Rachels galore. I would slowly turn the thingamajig that housed said personalized products towards the J section and say a little prayer as my eyes darted past Jamie and Jennifer and Jessica only to be left saddened to my very core. Life was hard, you guys.

So now, whenever I see things with my name on them, I get overly excited.
Case in point:

Overly excited in Ocean City, NJ
Overly excited in Ocean City, NJ
So many Jilly's in one spot!
So many Jilly’s in one spot!

So when I saw that out there in the snackosphere there was a Gluten Free & Paleo cracker that sounded delicious AND bared my very own name? I knew it was a must try. It was as if the universe was paying me back for all those years of never having my name on anything by putting it on something that is just SO me. Thank you, Universe.

Another GF Jill! Love her already!
Another GF Jill! Love her already!

First of all, let’s discuss how cute this Jill is. I immediately wanted to be her BFF slash get my hands on those GF goodies. I reached out to the The lovely Jill of Jilz Crackerz and expressed my excitement over this new found snack gem and she sweetly offered to send me one of each flavor to try…

Um, yum.
Um, yum.

Within a few days I had the goods at my doorstep and promptly tried out each one.

All three of these almond flour based crackers – Mediterranean, Tuscan and Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt- were delicious and come in at only 100 calories per servings (each 1 oz serving is pretty generous too!) and each box comes with five servings.

Warning it’s hard to stop at just one serving…


After trying all three flavors honestly, asking me to pick which one I liked best is like asking me to pick between my love of the Backstreet Boys and Almond Milk Lattes. Can’t do it. Won’t do it.

All three were so delicious and are the perfect crunchy snack all on their own but I figured why not try it with a dip because in most cases condiments and dips just make life better.


A little guac never hurt anyone- but I have to say, I really prefer these bad boys on their own. Why mask their yummy flavor with dip? Not needed!!

Tried it, Loved it. I promise you will love too!

You can order Jilz Crackerz here! 

Got any must try snacks you looove? Share them below!


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