Making Monday Bulletproof

A few months ago I became intrigued with Bulletproof coffee.

What is Bulletproof coffee, you ask?
BC, as I’ve now decided to call it since I love to abbreviate things that don’t need abbreviating, is made by combining three things in your blender: coffee, grass fed butter or Ghee (clarified butter which removes the dairy!) and coconut oil (or Bulletproof Upgraded MCT Oil).

My hardcore paleo friends peeps I follow on Instagram have been abuzz with this coffee trend touting it’s magical powers to stave off hunger and sugar cravings, help you lose weight and make your mind feel like more of a ninja meets Econ professor and less of well, regular person trying struggling to stay awake.

Uh, yeah sign me up.

You can read all the glorious details on why bulletproof is so great here!

I decided today was THE day for my first foray into BC so I visited the miracle workers and my favorite healthy market in L.A.- Erewhon – because I didn’t trust myself to do it right slash hit snooze three too many times to have time to make it myself.

I watched these health wizards like a hawk as they scooped and blended and somehow turned coffee into a frothy delicious looking latte without any milk! #davidcopperfieldwho #realmagic


The taste? Delicious! With no sugar or milk this cup of upgraded joe tasted heavenly.

But is it better then your standard AML?! (Almond milk latte)


Normally I need to eat some real solid actually digestible food within an hour or so of waking up otherwise the people around me cower in fear. But I’m going on hour three and still feel full (thank you healthy fats!)

Also, my brain feels less hazy and I feel a different sort of energized than the kind I get from any old cup of coffee.

And since we are among friends here, I can admit that usually by this point in the day I will have had some sort of bite (or ten) of something sweet… But this morning I truly do not feel compelled to.

I guess miracles can happen, folks.

So while I didn’t love the $5.50 price tag, I did love the result and can confidently say learning to become a coffee blending/scooping wizard is in my immediate future.

Bring on the Vitamix people, I’m going Bulletptoof!!

You can check out my FabFitFun interview with Bulletproof founder and CEO, Dave Asprey, here!


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